Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger -Sieve plate column: should be made of metal (Stainless Steel) preferably having following dimensions: Column height= 1000mm, Column dia.= 50mm, No. of sieve plates= 6 (150 mm apart from each other). Holes area= 60 % of column area= 1178 mm2, sieve plate hole dia.= 3mm, Pitch= 6mm (equilateral triangle pitch), Weir height= 15 mm, Weir length= 35 mm, down-comer width= 10mm, distance between bottom of down-comer and top of below plate= 10mm, Plate thickness= 3mm, Holes distance from column wall= 10 mm

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Specification

  • Still storage capacity: 12-15 Liters.
  • Electric heater (immersed): 1.0 KW with temperature controller (PID controller), Range= 5¬100°C, Accuracy= ±0.5°C, (01 No.)
  • Plate type Heat Exchanger unit: should be made of metal (Stainless Steel) having no. of 7-10 plates, L= 14inch, W= 5 inch. (01 No.)
  • Rotameter (acrylic/glass): for both hot and cold fluid/water. (02 No.)
  • Temperature indicators: Thermocouple K-Type with individual no. of 04 display units for both hot and cold fluid/water (04 No.) as under:
  • TI=Temperature of inlet cold water, T2=Temperature of outlet cold water, T3 =Temperature of inlet hot water/steam, T4=Temperature of outlet hot water/steam
  • Water Pump Check List
  • Frame dimensions: H= 4ft, W= 3ft
  • Electric panel: L= 2ft, H= 10inch, 8= lft (The panel should contain 04 temp. indicator lights, Pump and eaters ON/OFF buttons etc.)
  • Hot water tank: L= 2ft, W= lft, H= lft. (01 No.)
  • Electrical heater: Power= 2.0 KW. (01 No.)
  • Temperature indicators: Thermocouples K-Type with individual no. of 02 display units for both top plate and Still (02 No.)
  • Top product tank: Capacity = 1-2 Liters
  • Horizontal condenser: = 150mm x 200mm (Shell & Tube type)


Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger -Material of construction of all parts which are in contact with vapors & liquid should be of stainless steel. All equipments should be mounted on square steel pipe frame mounted on wheels. All the external parts should be sprayed/painted either black or grey.