Pilling Tester for removing Abrasion Resistance:

Pilling is a fabric surface, abrasion resistance phenomenon characterized by little balls formed by entangled fibers clinging to the surface. To determine the tendency to form pills, a tester is used which is called pilling tester. Abrasion Resistance is one kind of textile Lab Equipments [1]

Function of Abrasion Resistance and Pilling Tester: 

This test equipment is used to determine the resistance of the textile fabric after rubbing against a standard abrading (woven worsted wool fabrics) which is assessed by visual comprising after predetermined number of cycle.

abrasion resistance
Pilling Tester

Samples are easy to check and multiple speeds can be used.[1]

Specifications of Digital Pilling Tester for Pilling Test:

[label type=”label” title=” Specifications Name”][label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]
Product CategoryLAB
Machine CategoryPilling Tester
Product Nametextile fibre product tester
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
Brand/ManufacturerName of Manufacturer
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
PowerAC220V+/-10, 50Hz, 120W
Production Capacity200PCS/Year
Number of pilling drums2/4/6/9
Rotational speed60r/min
Rotational speed60 r/min
Timer range0-99h 99min
Dimension 235*235*235mm
Description This test equipment is used for testing textile fibre

Practical Pilling resistance:

  • Machine used :ICI pilling box & random Pilling tester.
  • Machine manufactured by :James . H . Heals and company, England.
  • Person responsible:QA lab assistant
  • Frequency:Whenever required.
  • Procedure :BS 5811, ASTM D3512 and according to customer requirement.
  • Performance standard:Grade – 4
  • Grade – 3 (for peach fabric)
  • In case of non conformity :Re-singing followed by Resin finish.

Practical Abrasion resistance:

  • Machine used :Nu-Martindal abrasion and pilling tester.
  • Machine manufactured by:James . H . Heals and company, England.
  • Person responsible:QA lab assistant
  • Frequency:Whenever required.
  • Procedure :BS-5690 ref: Breakdown and according to customer requirement.
  • Performance standard:Maximum ends breakage per 20000 revolution.
    In case of non conformity :Re-singing, Re-washing and Re-finishing.

Feature of Digital Pilling Tester for Pilling Test:

  • More accurate report for wear test and textile fibre
  • Use of special materials which reduce operating noise during testing of textile fibre
  • These laboratory equipments can be used for all kinds of fabric and weave patterns
  • This test equipment is used for testing textile fibre and  wear test
  • This laboratory equipment is consists by two/more wooden cubical Boxes
  • This product tester is very simple machine is used for textile fibre
  • Quick change can be from Abrasion to wear test.
  • The machine has two plates, one is mounted at the bottom and another is on the top.
  • A woven worsted wool cloth is used as an abradant for wear test
  • Consists byt geared motor that rotates the boxes about their central axis
  • It has pre-set Digital Counter stops the motor automatically
  • It has demountable cork so it is convenient for replacement [1][]

Working Procedure of the Product Tester:

At first, collect the sample. Then the sample is cut according to the dimension of the sample holder. The weight of sample is measured by digital weight balance. Then the sample is placed on the sample holder. Then the cycle of the product tester is set according to the quality of fabric and machine is switched on. After the completion of required cycle the sample is withdrawn from the sample holder and weight of abraded sample is measured. At last we have to calculate the wear index for wear test. [1]

Pilling Tester Working Procedure


This test equipment is very popular to measure the abrasion and pilling of the textile fabrics such as Flat woven, knitted and certain non-woven fabrics. [1]

[1] Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Cell # 1723300700,  Email- ferdus.j@gmail.com