Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners. How to Optimized a Photo

Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

How to Resize a picture (Ver. 7)

  • At first open Photoshop 7
  • Click on file menu
  • Click New under file menu
  • Set resolution 300 pixel
  • Set your desired Height
  • Set your desired Width
  • Click ok for new blank frame
  • Now open a picture
  • Press Ctrl + t for selection
  • Press Ctrl + -/+ for zoom
  • Hold Shift Button and Drag with Mouse to resize

Photoshop Shortcut Key

  • C = Means Copy
  • Ctrl + W Undo or one image

Pdf to JPG (Cs)

At first open PDF file into photosohop

  • Select first page and crop them
  • Ensure Quality =8 and Resulution = High

How to resize picture

Photoshop has an option to save the Image. It is in File Save For Web & Devices. In Preset Option Select JPG always. After that, you will see an Option== Low, Medium, High, Very High. Try to select Low or Medium as Maximum. Then Select Save Button. Saving images like this you will see there will be a huge difference in the Size but the image Dimension is the same though.

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