Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine . Quality control system

Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine . Quality control system

Paper roll to sheet cutting machine

  • P.I.V Gear box
  • Variable Speed Control 2 H.P Motor
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Hard Knife
  • V-Belt fanner make

Delivery section

Buyer  will not accept any short shipment .We have to send the daily report which will show the delivery quantity to order quantity. They will also collect carton receipt report from their makers. In case we short deliver like we do they will apply discount. It is very similar to Sheet Pasting Machine

Therefore it is very important issue that delivery section add a supervisor for Buyer to receiver produced goods in full quality from production department and ensure the carton’s are piled up in assigned area.

  • Customer care will hand over the store list of Factories.
  • Buyer works with 123 factories in Dhaka and Chittagong. We will have to distribute goods without delay. Deliver department must not handle and delay in arranging trucks/transportation as they do with current orders.
  • If extra transport support required multiple transports company can be selected and agreement can be done for transport availability.
  • No short shipment allowed.
  • Buyer  will evaluate our delivery service and if any trouble and pain is given to their factories, factory will receive penalty point of discount.

Quality control system

  1. Quality is one of the major part of buyer order execution. Each complains will put ATl to red rated factory in buyer records and will be terminated from nomination after certain quality control complains.
  2. A AQL of 2.5 to be applied.
  3. Quality to be controlled from board making to finishing.
  4. A separate quality team to be formed for quality control of orders who will be educated with buyer QA standard.
  5. Each lot to be inspected and record to be kept for buyer audit.
  6. Final Inspection to be conducted and for singed copy of report by Ismail/Rubel to QA manager to be sent to office.
  7. In case any quality problem takes place at customer’s ware house, first carton investigated. This strict instruction. As they will not allow any disruption of supply chain.

Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine -The replacement failed and goodswill cancel nomination with imposition of penalty of full cost of airing. Productions to QA department are strictly instructed to replace carton’s instantly in case of quality problem and then investigate.

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