Open Width Compactor Machine

Open width compactor machine for textile factory is a textile machine referred to the compactor machine for open width knitted fabrics. It is used for shrinkage control, gsm of fabric control, compact the fabric and increase smoothness of fabric. Here, slitting machine is used before open width compactor machine for open the fabric from the tubular form.This machine is used after the process of stanter machine. 

Feature of Open Width Compactor Machine:

  • This machine is used as industrial machinery with stenter machine
  • Open width machine control shrinkage in textile finishing,
  • This machine have A.C. Inverter drives,
  • Compacting machine applicable both for cotton knit
  • This machine machine have PLC with touch screen.
  • Compactor textile machine equipped with modem connectivity with interface
  • Compactor textile machine should have online troubleshooting system.
  • Metal detector exist in compactor textile machine
  • Compactor textile machine works with this technique
  • Gsm of fabric is controlled by this machine

Compaction Equipment :

Compaction equipment  is suitable for open width knit fabrics to measure gsm of fabric for achieving exact dimensional stability as well as soft feel. The machine consists of a feeding frame by means of centering device and driven scroll rollers which is an equalizing stenter frame with overfeed roller and brush pinning arrangement.

compaction equipment
Open Width Compactor

The unit of  drying of  compacting machine drying have infra-red emitters are placed on either side of the machine. Compacting machine have  infra-red emitters are placed on either side of the machine. The delivery side section consists of selvedge trimmer, edge dryer and a suction device, Exit roller, Width Adjustment device and the drive to the chain are housed in a exit box. Shima seiki is good brand name  of compaction equipment.

Open width Compactor Machine Maintenance:

Weekly Maintenance Criteria:

  • Check spreader belts, wheels & its bearings.
  • Check Teflon sheets.
  • Check Blanket’s tightness, condition &
  • Check & clean all electrical & electronics

Two Month Maintenance Criteria: 

  • Clean & Check all motors, commentators & its Carbons.
  • Calibrate all parameters if required.
  • Lubricate all motors chain, bearings, gearbox,
  • Necessary with grease Points.

Yearly Maintenance Criteria:  

  • Drain Gear oil & fill it with new oil & Check
  • All steam valve & cylinder condition.

Compactor for Sale:

Some compactor is manufactured for sale. This machine is sold for open width fabric. Tubular Compactor is sold for tubular fabric

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