Online Suggestion Box Presentation



Online Suggestion Box is a tools of an organization for collecting employee advice’s for their company betterment. Employee can choice to input their name or make him anonymous to generate a suggestion. For business suggestion box we have two major functions, one is employee empowerment and another one is employee engagement ideas. For any query please Contact Us. You can read more open source softwres


Introductory Message to The Users

Welcome to our Online Suggestion Management System! Your input is very important to us for helping to identify the vulnerable areas in which we can improve and in developing likely solutions to day-to-day challenges. We are sincerely interested in constructive feedback and innovative ideas that will affect positive change at Digital Suggestion Box. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! All submittals are anonymous and responses will be posted on share point. Thanks, advance, for your input


Why have a Virtual Suggestion Box

When a employee will submit a suggestion to a box he should be 100% anonymous. Registered employee except admin don’t log any information about  visit. There is no way to trace  where a suggestion came from. We know how difficult to manage those traditional wooden boxes? By using an online suggestion box form, a employee will be able to generate and receive as many idea as you want and whenever you want.


Is it Anonymous

Its depend on companys requirements. Sometimes some anonymous use may comment badly againes someone. In this case we can identify who is making this types of suggession.


Weforms Plugin

You can download Weforms WordPress Plugin from Wedeves or WordPress. It is free. I am adding feature of free version here. Please dont hesitate, more than 20,000+ Company are using this plugin in different purpose


Data Entry From

Following data is entered for Employee Online Suggestion Box Management System

Employee Online Suggestion Box Management System
Employee Online Suggestion Box Management System

The above form is partial screen shot. We can enter a lot of data like below


Which Data Should be Enter

The below data can be enter into Ditgtal Suggession Box. The data item can increase or decrease according to company requirements

  • Full Name: Anonymous
  • Issue Title: Online Suggestion Box
  • Issue Details: Online Suggestion box should be more versatile
  • What is your suggestion for improving the situation : Online Suggestion box should be designed with word press tech
  • What is your desired outcome: It will be easier
  • Issue Status: Open up to C Level
  • Regression: Good
  • Documentation & Notes: Good
  • Reproducibility: Sometimes
  • Classification: Security
  • Priority: Trivial/ Good etc


Who Will Get Notifications

Multple User can get SMS/ Email notification. For example Directors, CEO or any defined person should get this notification. We can set it.


Entries Export and Import

You can see all suggestion entry form your dashboard. You can download it as csv format. You can also upload it

Entries Export and Import



Since Employee Online Suggestion Box Management System is completly free you can knock us for your company development.