Non Compliance Report Definition for Textile

Non Compliance Report

  • There are no Non compliance report and control of popper process for babies products. To know more Personal Protective Equipment for a Compliance Factory
  • Metal tacks/nails/staples are being used on Tesco products or found on a production line/track manufacturing Tesco products
  • There is no Effluent Treatment Plant for denim, dyeing, printing
  • No Needle Control process within the factory as non compliance report
  • There is complete failure of metal detector process – this could include: no metal detector or the metal detector is not working, being deliberately by-passed or is not being used on all products.
  • Child Labour
  • Fire Procedure – this could include no procedure in place, no fire exits, insufficient number of fire exits or blocked fire exits

Major non-compliances

  • Un-controlled visitor access to site. Contractors working un-supervised/un-aware of requirements
  • Waste management is insufficient or not in place
  • No Chemical segregation
  • Machine guards not in place throughout factory
  • No PPE (gloves, eye guards) in use
  • No Pest control program in place or is not sufficient enough or managed  in a way as to prevent pest infestation
  • No evidence of risk assessment carried out on childrenswear
  • Raw materials do not go through a positive release system. There is no inspection carried out.
  • No calibrated Light Box present for colour approval or shade batching
    • Light box present but not calibrated in a minor
  • Leather not 100% inspected
  • Un-organised raw material warehouse where raw materials are not identified by quality and status and not stored in an organised manner
  • Un-organised trim and packaging area. Products not inspected, identified or stored in an organised manner
  • No metal detection on in take of children’s metal trims
  • No structured product care label process in both the issuing and control of the labels within the production area
  • Any manufacturing process being carried out by an external secondary site without Tesco approval.
  • No guard around Band knife machine
  • Fusing machine and/or fusing process has not got records to demonstrate required process control tests are carried out. Specifically applies to a tailoring or shirt manufacturer.
  • Incorrect machinery for the attachment of buttons, poppers, bows etc on childrens products.
  • Not using correct nominated poppers on childrens products non compliance report
  • No pinch testing on poppers on childrens products
  • No pneumatic or electric popper machines
  • No “pull tests” carried out on Childrens products
  • Non-segregation or classification of rejected products at examination processes
  • Correct audit lighting – inspection tables only
  • Un-controlled access to the secure, metal free zone where finished goods are stored awaiting shipment.
  • Isolated incidents where the needle control requirements are not been managed correctly
  • The majority of Scissors/clippers not ties to machines
  • Isolated incidents where the metal detection requirements are not been managed correctly
  • Metal free zone – has loose metal object found
  • Unsafe electrical area
  • One or two fire doors locked or some are blocked as non compliance report

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