Sanforizing Machine

Sanforizing Machine is the last stage of woven fabric processing. This stage is called mechanical shrinkage. In this stage fabric shrinkage is controlled by means of mechanical application & using steam. The shrinking process takes place between the rubber belt and the heated shrinking cylinder. The pressure roll presses the rubber belt against the heated shrinking cylinder and the rubber belt is thereby stretched. Leaving this nip point, the pressure is relieved and the rubber belt contracts. The fabric between the rubber belt and the heated shrinking cylinder has to follow this contraction of the belt and thereby shrunk. Changing the rubber belt pressure changing result in the fabric shrinkage. The higher the pressure, the greater the shrinkage will be. In ATL Finishing  there are two Sanforizing Machine. Machine details are given below

Specification of Monforts Sanforizing Machine

  • M/C  Name: N
  • Origin:    Germany
  • Pressure in Blanket = 2 – 3 bar
  • Speed for coarse fabric = 30 – 50 m/min
  • Speed for thin fabric = 60 – 70 m/min
  • Nominal width = 180 – 260 cm
  • Mechanical speed = 5 – 100 m/min

Sketch Diagram of Sanforizing Machine

Sketch Diagram of Sanforizing Machine
Sketch Diagram of Sanforizing Machine

Flow diagram of Sanforizing Machine

Fabric inlet

Guide roller

Damping roller

Water Spray

Rubber belt

Steam Cylinder

Blanket steam drum

Cooling cylinder


Operational Procedure of Sanforizing Machine

Fabric inlet of Sanforizing Machine: fabric passes over some free roller & guider then over the steam heated roller. In the steam heated roller the fabric is wetted a little bit.

Rubber belt shrinkage unit: The function of the machine is mainly controlled in this section. Here there is a rubber belt which is pressed by a steam heated stainless steel roller. This rubber belt is continuously cooled by passing water. When the fabric goes through the nip point of roller & blanket then the fabric goes to shrink. The amount of shrinkage depends on amount of pressure applied.

Drying cylinder: After shrinkage fabric goes through drying cylinder for drying.Here cylinder is heated by means of steam

Cooling cylinder: After drying the fabric is passed over cooling roller for lowering temperature.

Folder & batch winder: Finally the fabric pass over the folded roller to collect on fabric storage bench or it will roll on batcher. Then its go for final inspection.


In Auto different kinds of finishing m/c r available such as Stenter machine, Monforts Sanforizing machine, Emerizing m/c, Calendering m/c. By useing these m/cs here water proofing, flame proofing,rot proofing, attractiveness, service ability,fastness properties r increased..

Dr. William Jons, Textile Technologist, Osaka Textile Division, Germany