What is Mini Extruder Screen? Why Garments wash ?

Mini Extruder Screen

  • Mini Extruder Screen – Twin Screw Extruder
  • Processing capacity 1 kg or lower
  • 20mm diameter of screw, 40 L/D ratio
  • Co-rotating screws
  • Ability to compound
  • Vacuum venting system
  • RPM 1200 or higher
  • Die for water bath and detachable Pelletizer assembly

Request for Certification

The Certification Recommendation will be submitted with all relevant materials to the next scheduled Board of Directors Certification Review Meeting for certification. Upon certification, the facility will receive immediate written notification of certification, valid for a one-year period. To maintain certification, the production facility will receive unscheduled visits by accredited Independent Monitors during the period of certification. The number and frequency of the follow-up evaluations will be determined by risk-based program criteria and the conduct of the facility. Risk- based criteria will be weighted to how a factory consistently satisfies compliance requirements as evaluated by an Independent Monitor.

Why Garments wash?

  • Washing is must in textile technology for many purposes. Like-
  • Washing process of garments is done to create wash look appearance. After wash garments create a new looks which seems the touch of fashion.
  • By the washing technology, Faded/old look, color or tinted affect is created in the garments, which also seems the best touch of garments.
  • Washing technology creates new fashions such as deep dye, tie-dye, tagging, grinding, destroy and many others.
  • It removes many hazardous impurities like grease, wax, enzyme, alkali, bleaching agent, oxidizing agent etc from garments to prevent producing hydro-cellulose and oxi-cellulose. If the impurities remain in the garments, it could be harmful for our health.
  • It also reduces the size materials as a result the garments become size free and make it soft hand feel.
  • To attract the customers/buyers by different types of fashionable washed tems and market development.
  • Due to washing, shrinkage occurs in the garments. There is possibility of further shrinkage.
  • Any dirt, spot or germ if added in the garments during manufacture, is also removed during washing.
  • During garments cutting, 15% garments is cut out as wastages, if this 15% garments is cut out as grey garments, the wastage cost will be saved.


All Mini Extruder Screen products manufacturing facilities in the United States and off-shore, direct sewn product production facilities, independent sewn products manufacturing suppliers, licensees, and subcontractors that employ people in the manufacture of sewn products in a production facility.

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