Method of Garments Costing for Polo Shirt

Method of Garments Costing for Polo Shirt – A garments merchandiser is too much efficient who can make perfect costing of any garments. Costing is an important part of garments merchandising. Order profit is totally depends on it. As its importance on garments merchandising, today I will present an easy method of garments costing for knitted polo shirt.

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Method of Garments Costing for Knitted Polo Shirt:
At the starting of garments costing for knitted polo shirt, a knit garments merchandiser should be known about the following matters:

Yarn Price ,
Knitting and Washing Cost,
Dyeing Cost,
Printing cost,
Embroidery Cost,
Cost of Making (CM),
Accessories Cost,
Commercial Cost,
Others Cost.
Important tips***

The second duty is to calculate the fabric consumption and costing.
Normally, we calculate the grey fabric consumption.
The third duty of a knit merchandiser is, all the required fabrics processing cost (knitting+ washing cost, dyeing cost) should be added with grey fabric cost. After that, we can achieve the actual fabric cost.
At last stage, all the others necessary cost should be added with actual fabric cost to achieve total cost of a garment.

Labor Rules

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