Metal Detector Door

This is Henry from Shenzhen Zhonganxie Technology Co. Ltd. We are specialized in metal detector and have done this for 6 years . Mainly production the Walk Through Metal Detector、Handheld Metal Detector , Portable Metal Detector and so on. fff

We have professional research team、 Professional after-sale service team can solve product problem without returning goods. Support ing OEM 、ODM. Having a full product certification: CE,FCC,ROHS.

Annual sales 6000 pieces walk through metal detector and 100000 pieces handheld metal detector. Product returns rate is zero.  We can delivery a new product to the customer if have quanlity problem. After payment products can be delivered within three to five days.

We Sale Metal Detector Door for Factory Safety1
Metal Detector Door for Factory Safety

If you want to see more items, please visit our website in detail Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you a quotation upon our product receipt of your detailed. Any questions please feel free to contact to purchase our Metal detector door.

Metal Detector Location

  • The individual packaging, such as label & swing ticket & polybag, was finished after the metal detection, not before the metal detection but no such approval was obtained from Tesco Technical Manager. 2nd, the metal free zone was not strictly controlled for access. Some people not working in this area could freely enter and out. 3rd, some staples were found in this metal free zone.
  • The metal detector could not be locked for operation management. The audible alarm and conveyor belt had no capable of only being re-set by a key switch. Second, the Metal Detector was not calibrated by the suppliers or qualified mechanics regularly.
  • No inspection lot concept was established and the 9 points were not checked at the beginning and end of each inspection lot. They only use 9 points inspection once per hour.
  • No separate area was established for the other clients’ products packing with staple cartons. They were all packaged in the metal free zone together with non-staple cartons.

Other Compliance Issue

  • The visitor access control system was established but not strictly followed. Example, the auditors were not required to register when entering.
  • The lights within the manufacturing and finished stock storage areas were not protected by shatter proof covers or sleeves.
  • The ‘Tesco Restricted Substance Code of Practice’ was not obtained and available. (please show Buyer safety policy at this point)
  • The pest control staffs were not trained by specialist company or servicer.
  • No locked metal or plastic tool box was provided and used.
  • No shrinkage test was made for both washing & stream of the fabrics when pattern making.
  • The style file was not completely kept. Based on sampling checking the PO file or technical files were not archived together in the master ‘Style File.’
  • There was no system established to insure the samples keeping period no less than 6 years.
  • There was no Red Sample and Green Sample approved by Tesco available for the products of Tesco.
  • No critical path management system.
  • The production plan was not based on the CP dates and no OT hours were analysed for workers when production lead time planned.
  • There was not completed system to trace the common used materials, such as the lining felt, from which incoming lot to which production lot.
  • Supplier selection process did not cover the ethical commitments, except for fabric supplier.

Safety Communication

Posters, bulletins, newsletters, safety film internal competitions. To promote safety within the site by the use of varied systems of communications as given above.

  • Obtain safety posters from Manager QSE.
  • These posters would ideally be mounted on easily removable boards and placed at conspicuous places like canteen notice boards shop floor.
  • Keep a record of posters displayed in format attached.
  • Arrange the showing of training videos and talks or demonstrations on safety. Record these happenings use training registration sheets attached for records.
  • Circulate safety literature provided by Manager QSE including bulletins.
  • Promote an internal safety competition with suitable prizes as encouragement.  
  • Post he names of the first aiders in strategic areas i.e. guardroom etc.
  • Place copies of certificates in file 5.16
  • Ensure that expiry dates of certificates are checked so to keep the first aid trained persons current.