Merchandising Trims Purchase


To ensure that customer requirements are properly understood, documented and implemented.

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This procedure applies to dealing with customers in taking orders for sleeping bags. Every  employee  shall  be  treated  with  respect  &  dignity.  No  employee  shall  be  subject  to  any  physical,  sexual,  psychological  or  verbal  harassment  or  abuse.  Written  disciplinary  procedures  shall  be  applied  fairly  among  all  workers.


  • General Manager, Merchandiser shall negotiate price with buyer.
  • Manager, Merchandiser is responsible for negotiating and finalizing the contract with the customer and make review of any changes with necessary consultation of the Managing Director.
  • Production Manager and Quality Control Manager are responsible for identifying customer requirements on products.


Auto  Fashions Ltd   has  written  health  , safety & environment guidelines,  has  a  factory  safety  committee;  provides  personal  protective  equipment  free  of  charge  and  mandates  its  use; keeping cleanliness and  complies  with  all  applicable  local  environmental,  safety  and  health  regulations.

  • Review the requirements related to product to ensure product requirements are
  • defined.
  • Contract and order requirements differing from those previously expressed are
  • Resolved.
  • Organization has the capability to meet the defined requirements
  • Records of the results of review and actions arising from the review are   maintained.


Auto  Fashions Ltd   complies  with  legally  mandated  work  hours.  Each  employee  when  working  overtime, shall  be  fully  compensated  according  to  local  law.  Each  employee  shall  be  provided   one  day  off  in  seven;  and  Auto  Fashions Ltd  requires  no  more  than  48  hours  of  work  per  week,  and  no  more  than  12  hours  of  overtime  work  per  week.

  • Correspondence and negotiation with the buyer is performed by the Manager,
  • Merchandiser.
  • correspondence with the buyer is maintained through Mail, E-mail or Fax
  • and every necessary instruction/direction and negotiation with the buyer shall
  • be preserved.
  • Sketch measurement sheet is provided by buyer, with layout of Product, Fabric
  • details, accessories, size, measurement and other related information.
  • Sketch measurement sheet will be distributed to Manager, Production for
  • sample making.
  • Approval sample is prepared as per buyer requirement with available fabric
  • and accessories.
  • After approval/correction of the approval sample by the buyer, PP sample for
  • each size is prepared as per amended style detail and sent to buyer for
  • approval.
  • As per the buyer’s instruction/style detail provided in the sketch measurement
  • sheet pattern section prepares pattern for components.
  • Consumption is worked out by Manager, Production and consumption qty.
  • is informed to the Manager, Merchandiser.
  • Manager, Merchandiser places order to approved fabric
  • supplier for fabric upon confirmation of fabric from the buyer.
  • Size wise consumption based initial costing is prepared by Manager,
  • Merchandiser and price is negotiated with buyer.
  • After finalizing the negotiation on price, delivery and other contract
  • conditions,  buyer sends final order sheet / makers copy / confirmation of order
  • with final approved specification and conditions including size, breakup,
  • packing detail,  breakup, delivery information and delivery date.
  • Manager, Production prepares color wise break-up & total consumption
  • of fabric for each style.
  • Buyer provides color reference sample containing sample of each color for use
  • as reference when placing orders.
  • Fabric manufacturer upon contact from sends specified fabric sample to buyer.
  • Buyer provides approval of fabric and order is placed to fabric supplier by
  • Merchandising Department.
  • Accessories List is worked out and sent to supplier by General Manager / merchandiser.
  • Upon buyer requirement, Accessories supplier / manufacturer sends
  • accessories sample to buyer based on instruction from auto Camp.
  • Buyer provides confirmation of accessories and order is placed to the supplier
  • for required qty. of selected accessories.
  • A sample fabric is procured before the shipment of total fabric Qty. along with
  • the accessories shipment and used to produce the pre-production sample.
  • Pre-production sample for each color, manufactured using actual
  • fabric and accessories is sent to buyer for final approval.
  • Buyer sends approval of the pre-production sample and any necessary change/
  • instruction.
  • Trim card is prepared based on the approved pre-production sample copy
  • preserved in the sample section.
  • MC dept. prepares required consumption and report of stock position which
  • is required for completion of the order and submit is to General Manager / merchandiser.
  • Finalized Size and color wise detail break up of sleeping bag is provided by
  • General Manager, Merchandiser to Production, QC, MC, Commercial and Cutting dept.
  • During the production, the buyer may request any modification or change in
  • the final contract by contacting the General Manager/Manager,  Merchandiser. On such occasion, General Manager/Manager, Merchandiser negotiates different terms and conditions for the revised contract and upon finalizing and receiving confirmation from the buyer, notifies all changes to the relevant departments for immediate action.
  • After completion of all production Manager, Merchandiser notifies buyer of shipment detail of the order (Vessel, arrival time, Packing list).


Auto  Fashions Ltd   complies  with  legally freedom of association . Auto  Fashions Ltd   has written  Workers  participation committee guidelines . It  essential in production oriented company. Auto  Fashions Ltd  provides  each  employee  at  least  the  minimum  wage,  or  higher  and  provides  each  employee  a  clear,  written  accounting  for  every  pay  period.  Auto  Fashions Ltd  provides  each  employee  all  legally  mandated  benefits.  These  include    health  care;  pregnancy  or  sick  leave;  vacation;  religious  holiday,  leave;  child  care.

  • Upon receipt of query Manager, Merchandiser shall check that all required information such as quantity, delivery date, brics and accessories details, measurements, etc. are provided.
  • Upon receipt of Purchase Order Manager, Merchandiser shall check that it matches with initial agreement (verbal or written) with the buyer.
  • If there is any difference between initial agreement and purchase order
  • Manager, Merchandiser shall contact with buyer for clarification and order will be accepted upon resolving the anomaly.
  • Any amendment required by buyer after Purchase Order is given shall be
  • notified to all concerned departments by Manager,  Merchandiser.