Merchandising Tips

November 26, 2001  – Merchandising Tips

The Human Resources Manager

Subject: Prayer to be interviewed as a merchandiser

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to your vacancy in the post of merchandiser
The position requirements and my skills are a perfect match.
As you’ll see on my enclosed resume, I have the educational background,
professional experience, and track record for which you are searching. In
addition, I am motivated and enthusiastic, and would appreciate the opportunity
to contribute to your firm’s success.

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my skills and this

I will make myself available at your convenience, during or outside of normal business hours. If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me by phone at 01712-5656127541 or by email at I have enclosed my resume for your review. I look forward to hearing from you. sss

Amdfdfran Ahdfdfdmed

Enclosure of Merchandising Tips:
Detailed CVs

Garments Merchandising Questions and Answers

Question : What is PO?

Answer: PO meas purchase order

Years Supply for Buyer

% of Production currently taken by Buyer

Other Brands Present

Is there a trade union? (name)

Information Access Controls:

Does the factory have procedures in place to limit access to keys, key cards and computer systems to only those persons who have a job related need for such access?  Are terminated employees immediately denied access to keys, computer system, etc.? Yeas.

Are information systems password protected, and are relevant employees provided with individually assigned IT system accounts? Yeas.

Are passwords subject to regular forced changes? Yeas.

Is there an established procedure to conduct periodic unannounced information access control security checks to ensure that all information access control security procedures are being performed properly? Yeas.

Shipment Information Controls:

Is there a designated company representative responsible for providing accurate information on the company products to the cargo broker/forwarder/carrier? Yeas.

Are records properly maintained on all shipments? Yeas.

Has the designed company representative been trained on the information requirements for shipments to the United States? Yeas.

Is there an established procedure to conduct periodic unannounced shipment information controls security checks to ensure that all shipment information controls security procedures are being performed properly? Yeas.

If no union, are there any worker representatives? How many?

% of workers covered by collective bargaining agreement through:

a.)           Trade union

b.)           Other means

Manager responsible for Health and Safety (if assigned)

Manager responsible for CSR and Code Compliance (if assigned)

Is accommodation provided for employees?

If so, is accommodation on-site or off-site?

What time does the factory start and finish work each day?

Detail shift times if appropriate

When are your peak seasons?

When are your low seasons?

Size of production site in square meters

Number of buildings and floors in the production site

Is Buyer  production made at one site?

If not, please give details of other sites owned by your factory (address, size of site, and processes undertaken here). Note: this does not include sub-contractors

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