Manufacturer Security Audit & Document Check List
Manufacturer Security Audit & Document Check List

Manufacturer Security Audit & Document Check List

Security Audit Check List

Security Audit – Insufficient Security Audit seating arrangement due to yarn storage in the dining room of the workers was discussed with due importance and Mr. ggg express his utter dissatisfaction for the mismanagement. It was recommended that the dining space for the workers should be free for taking food conveniently. We sale electronic document management system

Sufficient seating arrangement is to be provided in the owrkers dining room. Decision has taken that nothing to be kept in the workers dining room. It should be always free from any obstacle. All concerned persons are informed to take necessary measures.\

Factory management has not yet implemented the new Labour Law

Management Representative said at this moment all types of law and regulations have been implemented in the factory. Ms. Vice gggemphasis on this issue and she proposed to appointment a Law Consultant for the company.  Manager, GS & Compliance, Corporate Head Office will be monitoring the legal requirement of the factory and a Law consultant to be appointed as soon as possible.

  • Hiring procedure.
  • Termination policy.
  • Employee training manual (related to security).
  • Incident reports.
  • Copy of background check.
  • Copy of employment verification.
  • Security meeting minutes (attendees list).
  • Security training program/schedule (type of training).
  • Invoice from alarm Company and surveillance camera(s) (or maintenance bill).
  • Documentation of internal Security Audit.
  • Employee identification badges.
  • Crisis management plan.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company Income Tax Clearance Certificate
  • VAT Clearance Certificate
  • Building Approval
  • Environment Certificate
  • Trade License
  • Export License
  • Import License
  • Visitor’s log book.
  • Incoming vehicle registration log.
  • Vehicle release slip.
  • Visitor passes/identification badges.
  • Security guard patrol log.
  • Factory License
  • Export Promotion Bureau Certificate (EPB)
  • Bond License
  • Fire License
  • Permission for Generator From the Legal Authority
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Power, Electricity & Mineral Resources for the
  • Bill of lading, if any (copy)
  • Commercial invoice, if any (copy)
  • Packing List (copy)
  • Other related shipping manifest, if any (copy)
  • Any other documentation related to shipments
  • Electric Sub. Station.
  • Boiler License & Competency Certificate for Boiler Operator Certificate for Electrician
  • Latest Drinking Water Test Report
  • Group Insurance Records
  • BGMEA/ BKMEA Membership Certificate.
  • M/C List
  • Manpower Status (Total: Male, Female: Present (Male & Female)
  • No of Security Guards
  • Name, address and phone no of subcontractors.
  • Fire Drill Register
  • Broken Needle Register
  • List of Trained Fire Fighters
  • List of Trained First Aides
  • Fire Equipment List (Floor wise)
  • Accident & Injury Register
  • Waste Water Test Record
  • Training Record on fire, PPE, M/C operation, First Aid
  • Worker’s Service Book
  • Personnel files
  • ID Cards/ Appointment Letter
  • Attendance Records
  • Time Cards
  • Payroll Sheets & Overtime Payment Records Last 03 Months
  • Maternity Benefit Payment Documents & Register
  • Leave Documents & Register
  • Leave encashment Docs for the Resigned Worker’s/ Final Settlement Records
  • Festival Holiday List
  • Copy of Pay Slips / Copy of Overtime Slips
  • Labor Union Agreements/ Workers Participation Committee minutes/ Worker’s Welfare Committee.


The Management reiterated the importance of Health and Safety Management System. Manager GS & Compliance, Corporate Head Office pointed out that it is deeply associated with the matter of health and safety. All types of chemical containers those are using in the production process and ETP the Labels and MSDS have to be prepared and attached in the container if there is missing any Manufacturer Security Audit & Document Check List

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