Manpower Authorization Policies for RMG Factories

Manpower Authorization Policies

Auto garments Ltd. presently holding 230 main machines – fully equipped with other auxiliary machine support. But according to the floor space of the factory, company has taken up the policy to operate the day to day production with 210 machines only. Based on the above capacity we have calculated the total Manpower requirements, which are shown below.


As per authorized “Man power” requirement, company recruits its employees through

Following system.

(a) Advertisement:

1)    Add. In Daily Newspaper.

2)    Through  personal contact by our own employees.

3)    By serving notice/posters in important locations.

4)    By head hunting. (Only for Executive)

  1. b) Selection Process :

During interview we examine the following requisite qualities of the


1) Good physical appearance / fitness, not disable

2) Age not less than 18 years.

3) Educational background as per job profile

4) Skillness test (Practical test for operators).

5) Wages / Salary Negotiation.

6) Joining date.


Within 07 days from the date of  joining, all new recruits will fill-up the company’s

Prescribed form and will deposit the under mentioned documents to personnel department of factory office.

1) Job prayer application.

2) Two copies passport size photograph.

3) Nationality Certificate from Word Commissioner / Union Parishad  Chairman.

4) Educational certificate.

5) Medical fitness certificate.(Check-up Report), including blood  grouping.

6) Experience Certificate from previous employer. (if any)

Service Confirmation :

One completion of 3 months satisfactory job performance, company confirms the employees

Service permanently.

2)    Skilled Recruits who fails to show satisfactory performance within this time his / her apprenticeship period are generally extended for 1 to 3 months maximum by written notice. If he / she cannot coup-up within this given period then his / her service is terminated.


All employees of Auto garments limited are classified in 07  categories as per their rank and nature of job. The grading and  wages scale of workers effective


We pay the salary / wages along with Overtime on or before 7th day of following months. If

the last payment date falls on holiday then it is given on next  day.


Leave is a privilege and can not be claimed as a matter of right.       Management deserve the

right to refuse / cancel the leave of any       individual if his service exigency is badly required.

  1. Annual Leave

After completion of one year continuos service all staff and employees are entitled to enjoy 1

day annual leave. For every 22 working days. As per Section 78(I)(i) of Factory act of 1965

If anybody failed to avail earn leave, the leave is brought forward and added with the next year earn leave or en-Cashment is made with basic wages/salary.

l      Earn leave dues are intimated to each individual when required.


Company provides minimum 10 days festival leave to employees with full pay. Festival leave

are circulated to workers before hand through notice as festival leave.

OccasionTotal Days
Shahid Day01
Independence Day01
Bengali New Year01
May Day01
Victory Day01

All Emloyees enjoy 10 Days casual leave in a year with full wages


#  For Employees – 14 days with 50% wages.

#  For staff         – 14 days with full salary.

In support of sickness concerned employee must produce medical documents from

company’s In- House Physician.


After completion of minimum 9 month service, female employees are entitled to enjoy 12

weeks maternity leave with full pay   (twice only) for in her whole service tenure with us).


# 52 days Annually with full pay.

# If any weekly holiday is at all utilized as working day then Company give one alternate

holiday (with in that 10 working days).


During probation / apprenticeship period all leave are entitled except E/L. This leave to be

adjusted after confirmation..

Without submission of leave application & leave sanctioned (For sick leave- intimation) no

Staff  & employee is allowed to enjoy leave. Violation of this rule will be treated unauthorized absenteeism &    punishment will be given as per rule.

  1. Personnel department to issue show-cause Notice to the defaulter absentee for 10 days absenteeism without permission or on expiry of 10 days after leave.
  2. Unauthorized absenteeism for 10 days or more will loose his service lien if he can not show genuine reason.

Daily Working Hours

Not exceeding 10 hours a day including 2 hours over time. Which will not exceed 56 hours

per week in average Annually

Break Time

For normal working day        – 30 minutes for lunch/meal at 12:30-13:00 Hrs.

For Tea break                  – 30 minutes. 16:30-17:00 Hrs.

For Friday if need be         – 60 minutes for Jummah prayer and lunch.

Over Time Rate

Double of basic wages.

  2. After completion of 6 month service from the date of joining, all employees will be entitled for contributory provident fund by depositing 10% of basic wages to the company and in turn company will bear the same amount to the fund in favor of employees welfare.
  3. After four years of continuos service the total amount along with the interest may be drawn by the employee.
  4. If any body leaves the job before 04 years, will get back the   deposited  amount which has been contributed from their side along  with bank interest only, not the company share.


  1. Employee serving for seven years or more will get one month basic salary / wages (Last drawn) for each year as gratuity.

Festival Bonus

  1. a) 02 festival bonuses (Only basic wages / salary) are provided to each employee who has completed one year of service. 02 festival occasions are :



A package of gift Hampers  is given to each employee on this 02 auspicious occasion even if one year of service is not completed.

Attendance Bonus

For full attendance in a Month, Employee gets  Tk 300 as attendance bonus.

Target Bonus

For fulfilling the production target in due time, a handsome Target Bonus in cash and kind is given to the all employees of group of people achieving the target. Amount is equal for all ranks.


  1. Company has In-house Lady Physician and a trained nurse for      facilitating the  treatment of It’s employees .
  2. Company is providing medical allowances @ Tk 150/- to each individual as per minimum wages 1961 section -5.
  3. First aid facilities with trained first Aider is available for it’s employee.
  4. 100% free medicine and hospitalization or cost of surgery are borne by the company (any amount)
  5. Provide multi-vitamin free of cost for each worker daily.
  6. Accident register for injured person is being maintained.

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