Management Review Meeting Minutes

Management Review Meeting Minutes – Through available customers’ feedback the customer satisfaction was measured as Management Review Meeting Minutes. The responded customers are the direct customer Their assessments were the real tools of the analysis. Mr. Hamad introduces all members of staff and explained their initial responsibilities. Also in the introduction he mentioned Edu intl intention to provide information and support regards vocational and professional courses for local and international students..They were satisfied with Auto ’s product. At the same time they made some comments and suggestions to improve the quality more than the customers’ requirement. All the comments were considered seriously and actions have been taken to fruitful the customers’ demand. Production QC, and Marketing will work together to improve those weak areas. We sale Meeting Room Booking System for Buyer and Customers

Operational Presses:

If only company’s marketing section delivers the order and shipment forecasts or the next period to all other departments in time and in reliable accuracy, procurement will be able to order the necessary raw materials or accessories for the correct date. Mr.Hamad has explained the initial process regards student collection, support, maintain quality, student payment policy, admin accountability, record keeping, staff attendance. The production team of Auto  Textiles Ltd will work with QC team to improve the Knitting quality, Dyeing consistency and overall quality of finished fabrics. At the same time Marketing will develop co-ordination with production unit & customer including the product information. And the result will be evaluated after a period of time.

Process Performance:

And only if procurement does a good job and forwards order information to inbound logistics, only then operation will be able to schedule production in a way that guarantees the delivery by marketing. In the result, the linkages are about seamless cooperation and information flow between the value chain activities. Hamad explained importance of office hours also how to cover the hours in between all member till we can effort our self a respected salary . All departments are monitoring their process using the Trend analysis. Though it is little bit difficult to build a fine tuned Trend analysis but the practices of analysing this type of data will help to identify the real weak areas which could be the key stone of improvement in total proces All department head should develop the practice of IE and analyse the data to find out the scopes of improvement in weak areas

How to select random garments for spec measurement audit?

  • During final inspection, measure a minimum of 01 piece per size/color at all point of measure, both critical and non-critical points.
  • Then measure the remaining sample size for each size/color ONLY at critical points.
  • requires you measure 32 pcs and there are 5 sizes;Measure 1 pc per size on all Point of Measure () including non-critical and the remaining 27 pcs only on the critical;
  • If any non-critical point was found to be out of tolerance, then that point of measure becomes a critical point and the remaining sample size must be measured at that point.
  • If a sample size does not cover all sizes or inseams, then select the next sample size to perform the spec measurement audit.
  • If sample size is too much to measure due to limited time, measure the next smallest sample size. This should only be in special circumstances. But always ensure to distribute sample size proportionately following the above calculation method.
  • What happens if the audit is to be considered rejected or is passing marginally for spec?
  • Quantify the type of spec discrepancy found by point of measure per tolerance.
  • Identify the sizes and color that are affected by each point of measure
  • Perform an expanded audit and measure a larger sample size for that particular size and/or color only by using the plan, such as 20, 32, 50 pcs etc.
  • Take decision appropriately for that size or color based on reject & pass criteria
  • Based on this you may even reject for –one size or color for factory’s 100% inspection, or multiple sizes or colors or the whole order

Product Conformity:

This discussion reviews the management of value chain advocates to align strategy, finance, information flow, human resources, and system and decision making process to achieve the greatest value for the buyer. Mr. Hamad has explained the routine Importance. Day communication is the key. More discussion over this topic . Auto  Textiles is capable of satisfying the customer providing the consistent product during this period. Quality parameters are regularly using the Trend analysis. And using 4-Point system all product conformity is measured. QC will monitor the quality level and it’s trend. Marketing will monitor the customers’ reflection

Continuing Suitability and Effectiveness of Quality Policy & Objectives:

Regular monitoring and top of bottom to up feedback allow for continuous improvement. Existing Quality Policy and Quality Objectives were discussed whether those are suitable for expected performance Quality Management Review Meeting Minutes System.

Recommendations for Improvement:

Over all training i.e. training on Master Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure etc. should be more frequent. So that the ultimate understanding of Quality Management Review Meeting Minutes System will be more clear among all the employees. Trend analysis should be fine-tuned. All department heads will continue this training program and will measure the effectiveness of the training