Starlims Lab Management Software

Starlims lab management software is used in textile lab for color that  is run by spectrophotometer. Lab manager and textile designer is responsible for lab work.  For more information please contact to us – Email:, Cell# 01792525354. There are different types of lab software like star lim found all over the world. Netific is textile lab management systems. 

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List of Labware Lims : 

List of labware lims laboratory information management system are given belo


Color Tools for Windows is a powerful quality control system that defines a new standard  for color control software. Historically, the user interface for this type of application was limited to a fixed format available with conventional programming methods. Generally, this fixed software did not conform to the procedures encountered in most lab and production environments. In many cases, you had to change your methods to accommodate the software rather than the software adapting to your needs. Today, ColorTools represents the state-of-the-art in color control technology, providing you with a system that is easy to operate, has powerful options to solve color problems, and most importantly, can be configured to your specific needs.

One of the most powerful features of ColorTools is the range of tolerancing tools it offers. Included are both traditional tolerancing methods, based on widely used color difference equations and instrumental evaluations, as well as two additional choices, AI (artificial intelligence) tolerancing and Datacolor tolerancing. These two tolerancing options incorporate visual assessments into the development of acceptability tolerances, and produce instrumental evaluations that reduce conflicts between the visual and instrumental assessment of the samples. ColorTools is also unique because the user interface is composed of forms. Forms are display areas that contain the text and data of the program.  All of the forms that you use in ColorTools can be easily customized to your needs. Most importantly, the use of forms offers to non-programmers the power to create a user interface and requires only a fundamental knowledge of Windows and basic computer skills. ColorTools makes use of standard Windows conventions for navigating inside the program.

Datacolor Spectrophotometer Software Toolbar: 

Menu Bar: Contains all the menus of the program. Click on a menu item, and a dropdown list of functions displays.

Top Button Bar: Click the desired button to access frequently used commands. You can customize this bar through the System, Edit Button Bar option of datacolor spectrophotometer software

Screen Form: The display that appears on the desktop is actually a ‘screen form’. It contains the input and output data for the samples being evaluated. It also contains command buttons that perform program functions. There are many different screen forms available in ColorTools, and any screen form can be edited, as needed.

Bottom Button Bar: Click the desired button to access frequently used commands. You can customize this bar through the System, Edit Button Bar option.

CCMS – Computer Color Matching System :

Computer Color Matching (CCMS) is the instrumental color formulation based on recipe calculation using the spectrophotometric properties of dyestuff and fibers. CCMS is the product of datacolor. Datacolor spectrophotometer is the American product.

CCMS Software

Functions of CCMS:

The functions of CCMS are given below-

  • Cost Comparison.
  • Strength evaluation of dyes.
  • Color match prediction
  • Color difference calculation
  • Determine metamerism.
  • Pass/Fail option.
  • Color fastness rating
  • Whiteness indices.
  • Reflectance curve and K/S curve.
  • Production of shade library
  • Color strength

Computer colour matching (CCM) system for textiles Instrument

Specification 1. Spectra range-400-700 nm
2. Spectral interval -10 nm
3. Photmetric range -0-100%
4. Photometric resolution- 0.1% or higher
5. Repeatability (white tiles)- 0.1%
6. Light source – Tungsten/ Xenon lamp
7. Simultaneous measurements of specular component included(SCI) and specular component excluded (SCE)
8. Auto-configuration and elimination of measurement errors.

CCM Software Specification

1. Color difference measurement as FMCII, CIE DL*, Da*, Db*, DC*.DH*, Hunter DL, Da, Db
2. Supports 2 observers at 2o and 10 o and illuminants i.e. D65, D50, F11, F7, F12,.
3. Pass/ fail all attributes of CIELab
4. Measure Gloss (ASTM D523, Gloss60)/ Brightness (ISO 2470)
5. Whiteness and Yellowness index (ASTM E313, D1925)
6. Determine Metamerism
7. Color system – CIELAB /CH, LAB(H), XYZ,
8. Computer standard brand (P-IV & Window @7) with colour printer

Konicaminolta Color Control Software:

Konica Minolta’s quality control software is used for total flexibility and freedom which have simple graphical user interface. It has simple and effective database management system. Konicaminolta software makes recipe prediction as well as correction. This software has special measurement technique for small substrate and it has the feature of smart searching n shade library.

konicaminolta Lab Management Software

Feature of Konica Minolta Software:

  • Illumination or viewing geometry confirms to CIE, ISO, ASTM and JIS requirements
  • It has 6 inch integrated sphere and double beem feedback system
  • Facility of reflectance and transmittance measurement
  • Feature of reflectance resolution is 0.001%
  • Compact and lightweight handheld spectrophotometer with wireless communication and color LCD
  • Some model have advanced all in one spectrophotometer with built in software and color LCD disply
  • Some model have top port operation is suitable for pharma
  • Some models are hi performance low cost  portable spectrophotometer with 52 mm sphere and allows measurement in any position with easy to operate navigation wheel and large LCD display
  • Some models are easy to use portable spectrophotometer  with 52 mm sphere the large LCD display shows all information needed and it has both MAV and SAV measurement UV Control.

Advantages of CCMS :

The advantages of CCMS are given below –

  • Customers get the exact shade
  • Metamerism facility for lab tests
  • Making report of costing, dyes, auxiliaries.
  • 3 to 300 times faster than manual color matching.
  • Partial range of stock color needed.
  • Clients often have a choice of 10-20 formulation which will match color.
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