Letter of Appointment for Apparel Factory

Letter of Appointment

Dear Mr. SSSS

With reference to your application and the subsequent interview with us, the management has considered employing you in the position of “Sr. Officer, HR & Compliance” and your date of joining will be on / before 23rd June 2018 under the following terms and conditions.

  1. Your consolidated salary will be Tk. ———– (Taka ————-) only per month.
  2. Your joining will be in HR & Compliance Department and report to the Manager, HR & Compliance at Auto Garments Ltd located at
  3. Your probation period will be for a period of 06 (six) months from the date of your Joining. Upon satisfactory completion of the probation period you will be confirmed in permanent employment.
  4. Unsatisfactory progress during the probation period may result in extension of the probation period at the discretion of the Company. During the period of probation, your service may be terminated by either party without giving any notice.
  5. The appointment may be terminated by either party by giving one month notice or pay in lieu thereof after confirmation.
  6. The company may from time to time change your job or assign you with different responsibilities and it will be your obligation to accept such change or assignment without any objection
  1. You will have to work according to the instructions of your superiors and shall perform your duties as per working job description / directions to be given to you from time to time.
  2. You will observe normal hours of work applicable to the office. You may need to spend additional hours as may be necessary for the efficient discharge of your work.
  3. You will not engage yourself directly or indirectly in any business other than that of this Company and you should regard the affairs of the Company strictly.
  4. It is an expressed condition of this contract that you will not pass on, disclose to or discuss with any unauthorized person either during your employment with the Company or after cessation  of employment any information, incident or document concerning the Company’s  business, agreements, finances, planning, manuals etc. or staff salaries.  Failure to observe this condition will be construed as breach of trust and can warrant your dismissal and or make you liable to such action as deemed appropriate under law.
  5. You will not do anything subversive of discipline or detrimental to the interest of the Company.
  6. Your posting may be changed to any other unit of the Group in the best interest of the management.
  7. All other terms of employment not covered herein shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company in force from time to time.
  8. Other benefits, facilities and welfare, obligations and regulations will be as per Policies the Company
  9. All taxes, if any, on your income will be paid/maintained with your own responsibility
  10. All regulation, policies, procedures in your letter of appointment those currently in force and they may be changes at company’s discretion. You will be however notified of these changes as and when they take place.

If the offer is acceptable to you on the above terms and conditions please affix your signature in attestation thereof in the duplicate copy of this letter.

Yours faithfully,

I, ______________________________, the undersigned confirm that I accept the  employment with Auto  Garments Ltd. on the terms and conditions as specified in the this appointment letter.

Signature : ………………………

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