What is Composit Leeb Hardness Tester
What is Composit Leeb Hardness Tester

What is Composit Leeb Hardness Tester? Electric pencil hardness tester

Leeb hardness tester

Leeb hardness tester

Description Detail
Range of Application Rockwell Plastics/Composite (11Fta (Alpha), ISO 2039-2, ASTM D785) Scales: E, 1, M, R Ball Indentation Plastics (ISO 2039-1) Rockwell for Soft Metal According to ISO 6508, ASTM E18 Scales: A 13CDEFGFIKLMN PRSTVW XY
Force Range Preload 3kg,10kg For Rockwell 15, 30, 45, 60, 100,150 kg Rockwell Plastics/Composite 60. WO kg
Loading technology Closed loop force control
Loading control (application, holding, and renlOval) Automatic
Resolution 0.1
Preload setting with optical and acoustic indication
Starting test action Automatic
Power supply 240 V (50.60 Hz)
Accreditation / Quality / Traceability UKAS / ISO 17025 / UKAS
Vertical Space 250mm
Horizontal Space 150mm
Indenters for Plastics/Composite and Soft Metals 1/2″ 0 ball (UKAS certified) 1/4″ 0 ball (UKAS certified) Rockwell Diamond indenter (UICAS certified) 1/16″ 0 ball (UKAS certified) Ball indenter 1/8 0 (UKAS certified)
Anvil 114mm diameter hardened and ground anvil 230mm x 150mm rectangular hardened and ground anvil 6mm diameter spot and vet anvil for 6-30mm diameter specimens
Certification 13S EN ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18, UKAS
Test Blocks UKAS Certified according to the following Scales and I lardness Values HRA Hardness Value 56 FIRE Hardness Value 92 HRE Hardness Value 100, 90, 75 I IRI. Hardness Value 123, 120,118 HRM Hardness Value 118, 112, 107 FIRR Hardness Value 126, 123,112

Electric pencil hardness tester

Electric pencil hardness tester
  • Test angle: 45 degrees
  • Load: Adjustable, 500g 250g 250g
  • Speed: 5mm / sec, adjustable
  • Travel distance: 40mm
  • Platform: about 12x17cm, can be fixed samples
  • Power: 220V / 50Hz
  • Accessories: Standard Pencil 6B ~ 6H each one, a total of 14 weights
  • Manufacturer :Guangdong Aisry Instruments Technology CO.,LTD


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