Laser Machine

Laser machine is used for whisker by burning the Garments. First time have to make a design for whisker by using Photoshop illustrator then it will impose on garments after selecting the intensity of burn.

Effect: Used for making whiskers (artificial creases by for example crotch) and other designs on garments  (also see 5A Whiskers)

Process: A computerized laser machine is used to burn the design on the garment. The laser destroys the colour so they area burned will look lighter than the base color.

Advantages: Any kind of design can be made. Since it is computerized, the result will look the same from piece to piece. Easy to control in production.

Disadvantages: Expensive. The result can look unnatural since all the garments will look identical.

Laser machine for smaller artworks1

Info: Not commonly used in Bangladesh and few suppliers have this facility.

Laser whisker

Laser machine for smaller artworks3

This whisker is done by laser machine. First time we have to make design in the Photoshop illustrator then it insert into laser machine and fix the intensity and impose on the garments according to marking and burn the indigo. After wash the burned indigo will remove and whisker will see. This whisker production is more but the tint absorb is uneven.

Experience of Laser Technologist in Washing Factory

I am an enthusiastic garment washing & dyeing technologist with amazing management abilities. I have 18 years plus experience in the Textile (garment Processing) field.  I am good at Wet & Dry processing which is the demand of the day in garment processing. I am exposed to international culture and has most of the time been   a team leader to attain growth of the company.

I have worked on various kinds of fabrics / substrates woven, knitted, Denims, Silks etc.

I have excellent communication skills with ability to teach fundamentals to my juniors to create a team to produce consistent results in shortest period. I am known to handle multi task and ensure discipline in my plant with congenial atmosphere for best output.

I look forward to take up a challenging career at your esteemed organisation as a Plant head. I am herewith enclosing my details; if you would need any further clarifications please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone or by email.                                    .


Durgeshwari Garment Processors Pvt. Ltd.



(Delhi NCR.)

Plant HeadWorkingHeading a washing plant with dry and wet processing capacity of 10000 denim garments per day. 
Sonu Enterpreises(Sonipat)


Delhi NCR.

 Plant HeadFeb. 2009-May 2011Heading a washing plant with dry and wet processing capacity of 10000 denim garments per day. 
Spykar Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai,




Plant Manager-WashingAugust 2006-


January 2009

Heading a washing plant including development facility having dry pocess, washing and dyeing capacity of 5000-10000 adult jeans/shirts/cargos per day
Columbia Washing Plant Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh.




Washing ManagerOctober 2003


July 2005

Was in charge of a big washing unit with daily production of 20,000 Garments of different fabrics materials. Handling both wet / Dry Process. Had laser machines from GFK(Spain).


Ahmedabad, INDIA






(development & new technology group)

January 2003


October 2003

Looking after all kinds of developments on d


Noida, India




Central services

October 1999


December 2002

Managing an integrated washing plant of 10,000 garments per day includes Dyeing, washing, and Dry processing. 
Executive Garment Processors Pvt. Ltd.




Production ControllerSep.’95



Handling washing of 35000 pcs in the biggest commercial laundry for 70 different exporters.


Sampling activity of 400 pcs.

Dupont Sportswear Ltd. GOA









Process assistantNovember 1993


March 1995

Supervising washing of Denims/ cottons garments. Setting up of Recipes. Preparing Over dyes recipes.
JUST Textile Mills Mumbai (India)



Trainee supervisorJune 1992


Jan 1993

Supervising 25 jigger dyeing machines, Handling Dyeing Reactive, vat, sulphur.
Raymond woolen Mills Ltd, Thane, India



Plant trainee



Feb 1992


March 1992

Worked in combing dyeing, Fabric dyeing & finishing Department

Types of Machines Handled

  • Horizontal Drum Washers,
  • Computerised Online Operations on Vertical Milnor Machines,
  • Tonello Brushing Machines, Sand Blasting Machines,
  • Hoffman’s Curing Oven, Milnor’s Spray Machine for Wrinkle-free,
  • Have Handled Water treatment Plants (Reverse Osmosis & Resin System),
  • Have handled Effluent Treatment Plant.


  1. Handling Buyers
  2. Huge production on shop floor with hands on experience
  3. Capable of managing additional responsibilities associated with the industry (maintenance, Effluent treatment plants, layout planning for expansion)
  4. Working on New wash standards
  5. Creating sytems for better results and smooth flow of goods
  6. Strengthening the QC department by adapting SOPS to reduce rejections
  7. Planning inventory
  8. Optimising the wash cost.
  9. Coordinating with Merchants/Buyers/Higher ups./ Laser Machine