1. Circular Knitting Machine for Knitting Stitches:

A machine by which tubular and seamless fabrics are produced  using  knitting with circular needles and shaping the fabric by varying the tension or length of the knitting stitches  is called circular knitting machine. It is a technique of knitting in circular or tubular form with curved or straight needles for making knitting stitches. There are several types of circular knitting machines which produce long lengths of tubular fabric and quite often they are manufactured. This machine is used for songle plain cloth, elastic cloth etc. being used for vest , t-shirt, sport wear, and swimming suit.

2. Types of Circular Knitting Machines for different Knitting Techniques:

  • Computerized Knitting M/C with Auto Stripper
  • Open Width Knitting techniques M/C
  • Body Size Rib Knitting Machine M/C
  • Double Jersey Circular Knitting M/C
  • Fleece Machine Interchangeable Terry M/C
  • Single jersey 4 track circular knitting M/C
  • Double Jersey Interlock Knitting M/C
  • Circular Knitting techniques M/C
  • Double Face Terry Circular Knitting M/C
  • Rib 4 Track Knitting techniques M/C

3. Parts of Circular Knitting Machine :

different parts of circular knitting machine
Parts of Circular Knitting Machine


Guide is supporting element which is used to guide the yarn for knitting stitches

VDQ Pully:

GSM is controlled by VDQ pully. It also controlled the knitting stitches length of knit fabric.

Fedeer :

Feeder is ring where all feeder placed together during making knitting stitches


Its support the system to create a loop for knitting stitches


It is automatic controlling system. If any yarn break down than it stop the system automatically.


It is used to knocking over , loop forming and holding down the loop.

Sinker Ring:

It is special type of ring where sinkers are pleased together.


Cylinder carries sinker, cam, needle etc.


It is holder of cone. It is used for feeding the the feeder.

Adjustable Fan:

It removes lint hairy fibre from yarn, clean the dust by air flow.

3.1. How to knit by Single Jersey Machines:

Single Jersey machines are equipped with a single cylinder around 30 inch diameter of needles that produce plain fabrics . Knit production on single jersey machines tends to be limited to 20 gauge or coarser, as these gauges can use two fold which will give spiraled free fabrics in machine. An additional feature of wool single jersey fabrics is that the fabric tend to curl inwards. This is not a problem of the fabric is in tubular form but once cut open can become so if the fabric is not finished correctly.

Sliver knitting machines are single jersey machines that have been adapted to trap a sliver of staple fiber in to the knit structure.[1]


How to knit by Double Jersey Machines:

Double jersey machines looks like single jersey machines with a dial which houses an extra set of needles installed horizontally across to the vertical cylinder needles in the system. The extra set of needles allows the production of fabrics that are twice as thick as single jersey fabrics. Typical examples include interlock knitting with circular needles based structures for underwear/base layer garments and 1x 1 rib fabrics for leggings and outerwear products. [1]

4. Specifications of Circular Knit Machine:

[label type=”label” title=”Attribute Name”]

[label type=”label” title=”Value”]

Product CategoryKnitting
Machine CategorySingle Jercy Machine
Product NameCircular Knit Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassUsed/New
Brand/ManufacturerPai lung/Others
Agent of BangladeshYes
Production CapacityNA
Diameter30″ and 34″
Number of Feeders2
Motor H.P.NA
DescriptionWool is a knitting materiel for making knitting stitches[2]

5. Feature of Computerized Knitting Machine for Knitting Pattern:

  • The machine should have small auto-stripper device, which may generate various colors and knitting pattern.
  • Auto knitting stitches which is adjust of fabric weight,
  • Able to generate knitting techniques for different knitting pattern
  • Scarf knitting patterns looks like scarf knitting patterns
  • This machine can also knitting with circular needles
  • Cam devices with four tracks and there is no option of scarf knitting patterns
  • Computerized selector which is easy to modify the colored stripe fabric width of internal storage through the machine control with high tech man-machine interface touch liquid crystal screen.
  • Shoud have lycra feeding device, which can create high-class elastic colored stripe cloth
  • scarf knitting patterns is alternative of this machine


[1] S.M. Bappy Rana, B.Sc in Textile Engineering, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)
[2] Sujan Shakhawat, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, City University Bangladesh