What is Jacquard Loom ?

Jacquard loom is weaving machinery for weaving looms generally used in the weaving of various kinds of elastic jacquard tapes,jacquard fabric etc. The machine should adopts new electronic jacquard and computerized embroidery  programming system. It can apply to produce all kinds of elastic and unelastic tapes and these tapes are used as safety belt, shoe, fabric etc.

Function of Jacquard Weaving Looms:

These series needle loom is used to make kinds of elastic and un elastic tapes. As ribbon, webbing, shoe lace, carpet tape, underwear band, seat belt and so on. Custom configured Jacquard Weaving Looms can be used to weave practically all fabrics such as jacquard fabric, linings, labels, dress materials, table cloths, bedclothes, velvets, toweling and carpets. The Jacquard Weaving Looms are designed to fullfill the requirements of textile production  and to take account of the weaving parameters for the looms of the styles .

jacquard function

Features of Jacquard Weaving Loom:

  • Jacquard weaving loom is equipped with new electronic jacquard heads and computer punching systems
  • USB support also for rapier loom
  • Mechanism for fast, precision and easy for procedure
  • Human based design and large space.
  • Jacquard weaving loom is safe and easy for operation to increase effectiveness.
  • Real-time storage system to reduce the loss system
  • Jacquard weaving loom simultaneously saving more than patterns.
  • Jacquard weaving loom parts and components are made by high quality materials
  • Compatibility of parts for easy maintenance and adjusting;
  • Jacquard weaving loom has excellent lubricating system for easy maintenance.

Specifications of Needle Loom:

[label type=”label” title=” Attribute Name”]

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Product Category


Machine Category

Needle Loom

Product Name

Jacquard Needle Loom

Product Model

According to Manufacturer

Product Class





According to Manufacturer

Agent in Bangladesh








Production Capacity

10000 Sets / Year

Weaving Head


Number of Frame


Jacquard Hooks


Reed Width


Tape Width


Pattern Chain

1: 32

Weaving System

Computerized Jacquard System

Pick Per Inch


Machine Power


Motor Power







To achieve the high speed running necessary for ,two steel bead bearings share the load

Machinery and Equipment of a Weaving Loom:

Comber Boards:

The comber boards are designed and built to order. For example the loom depth is matched to the number of sinker rows, the density, the type of weaving loom thread and their link to heald. An optimized drilling pattern improves the functioning of the loom and weaving process. The comber board frame makes it easier to change the fabrics widths.

Single Thread Link:

Two recesses serve to retain it when removing. The link between the heald and the spring is fitted with damping system to reduce vibration.


The new sectional aluminum draw-down frame is suitable for all densities. The fixing strips can be selected with 32,16 or 2*8 suspension elements to suit the various densities. A draw down plate with individual harpoon fixing is available for velour and carpet weaving loom.


The lease is fed into the weaving loom threads in the required sequence in our works with complete accuracy and great care. This saves time when it comes to inserting the weaving loom and commissioning.

Double Density:

With a double comber board it is possible to use the same weaving loom for two different densities or to switch from single to double fabric width. Switching is a quick and easy operation and does not change the loom leveling.


Some machine manufacturer has developed the automatic blowing device to facilitate cleaning of the loom springs. The blower is located behind the return motion frame. The pneumatic blower reduces the accumulation of dust deposits and facilitates manual cleaning. The blower system compact format makes it compatible with many types of weaving looms.

Wrap Threads into the Healds:

The loom can supply with wrap threads, e.g. with texturized  yarn PES 167 dtex S/Z cotton yarn Nm 40/2, cotton yarn Nm168/2 and PA 470 dtex. This makes commissioning of new plant much quicker and easier.

Weaving looms maintenance

Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance is a predetermined routine activity to ensure on time inspection / checking of facilities to uncover conditions that may lead to production break downs or harmful depreciation.

Corrective Maintenance / Break down Maintenance:

In this case, repairs are made after the equipment is out of order it cannot perform its normal function.

Schedule of maintenance:-

In AUTO Fashions Ltd. planning and scheduling various maintenance tasks to be carried out on each machine during the course of a year. They are scheduling the right men and facilities at the right place and at the right time.

They maintain following schedule for maintenance:

  • Daily maintenance.
  • Weekly maintenance.
  • Monthly maintenance.

The actions which are carried out in the above three types of maintenance program are discussed below:

Daily cutting table maintenance:-

  • To cleaning the cutting table before starting fabric lying.
  • To cleaning after completing the cutting.
  • To cleaning dust and jhute around cutting table at least three times each day.

Daily sewing machine maintenance:

  • Machine inside and outside cleaning and checking.
  • Timing system checking.
  • Machine adjustment checking.
  • Power connector and cable checking.
  • Machines needle plate checking.
  • Dust collector filter cleaning.
  • Thread stands checking
  • Machines Eye guard, Pulley guard, Finger guard and Belt tension checking.

Weekly sewing machine maintenance:

  • Machine oil check if necessary then refill/change.
  • Machine stitch plate opening and cleaning.
  • Machines wheel checking and cleaning.
  • Machines face plate opening and cleaning.

Weaving machine maintenance after two or three month:

  • All Electronic components checking and cleaning.
  • Machines servo motor and control box opening and cleaning.
  • Machine oil completely might be changed.

Advantage of Weaving Machinery and Equipment:

  • Computerized system loom weaving is used for jacquard fabric
  • High quality and carefully  optimized components
  • High quality loom weaving parts of machine.
  • Rapid installation for the loom weaving
  • The components are made by stainless steel
  • Vibration damping and optimized drilling pattern
  • Compatibility to match various software
  • Easy for operate weaving machinery for how to make a loom weaving
  • Low energy consumption fro weaving machinery
 [1] Amit Dhalan, B.Tech. in Textile Technology, Merchant at Parvati Fashion, India, Email: 24amitdhalan@gmail.com