IT8212 Device Driver History for Electronic Equipment’s

History IT8212

  • First release IT8212
  • Bug Fix: Wrong IdentifyData are set during S3 power up process.
  • Feature Change: don’t show IT8212 Controller as bad device on Device Manager panel even there is no HD attached on IT8212 Controller.
  • Bug Fix: On Windows 98/ME, the VxD which handles the power management of IT8212 Adapter will conflict with some other devices.
  • Add Feature: Support ATAPI devices. sss
  • Bug Fix: Support dynamic disk.
  • Software Requirements Specification Example for Garments
  • Bug Fix: Cannot play Audio CD in Windows ME when running on DMA mode.
  • Bug Fix: Support some devices which interrupt with the assertion of DRQ after receiving ATAPI Packet Command.
  • Bug Fix: Check the two channels to see whether the IBM buggy disk attached on the slave, and no Master attached on the related channel. We must skip all reset commands if the above conditions exist.
  • Bug fix: Cannot format LS-120 disk in Windows XP.
  • Bug fix: Cannot recognize CD-RW in Windows XP.
  • Bug fix: Support IDE SMART commands in pure IDE mode.
  • Bug fix: Support VCD playback in Windows ME.
  • Bug Fix: S4 resume failure on certain MB.
  • Bug Fix: NU 8x DVD write failure when running UDMA mode.
  • Bug fix IT8212 : several hard disks format pretty slow when capacity exceeds 130GB.

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