What is Labelling Of Switches, Isolators And Valves
What is Labelling Of Switches, Isolators And Valves

What is Labelling Of Switches, Isolators And Valves

Isolators And Valves

To facilitate easy identification of Isolators And Valves and controls. All isolators, contact breakers, switch gears to be clearly labeled as  to what they feed

Procedure of Isolators And Valves:

Make the following lists providing the details of what they feed, use attached form

  1. list of all isolators,
  2. list of all contact breakers
  3. list of all switch gears,
  4. list of all distribution panels
  5. list of all switches

Use suitable prefix to denote type of items, e.g., isolators-IS, Contac breakers-CB, switch gears-SG, distribution panels-DP, switches-SW.

Use area codes same as machine guards

Provide serial numbers of each item once the list of made.

Label fully all items listed using Dymo tape example:: “ IS 1001 to Air Compressor No: 1 “ “ DP-1001 to Water Pumps “

The electrical panels where access is from the rear, the back of the panel should be clearly labeled the same as in the front to indicate which plant equipment it feeds,

Example: “ IS 1001 to Air Compressor No: 1”

All critical valves to be listed, each to be provided with serial numbers with prefixes, example: CV-1001 means critical valves number 1 at oxygen plant.

The position of critical valves to be marked on site plan.

The critical valves to be labeled with numbered disc preferably attached to the valve stem.

The valves to have open and shut marking and the direction of flow on the pipeline near the valve. PO & I diagram to be provided for VIE, VTT & Filling racks, etc.

All emergency stop button to be painted Red and the label should give details, example, “Emergency Stop DA Plant” “Emergency Stop LO Pump” etc.

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