Internal EHS Audit

Purpose & Scope: To ensure compliance to the Company’s quality management system by a program of internal audits of all departments participating in the system.

Responsibilities: The EMR & EMR has responsibility for directing activities relating to this procedure.


  • An Audit Schedule,, is prepared to conduct at least two audit in one year. Interval of audit is six month.
  • Qualified auditors are selected and team leader appointed. General Manager (EMR & EMR) will act as Team Leader. They will not be from the same department being audited.
  • All audit findings i.e. detail of people interviewed, documents checked etc. are recorded on Activity Log .
  • Any nonconformity found during the audit is reported on Nonconformity Report, Department heads will decide on corrective action and target dates.
  • For each audit, an Audit Summary Report, is prepared.
  • The EMR & EMR keeps the Nonconformity Reports and Audit Summary Report, with copies to the concerned personnel.
  • Follows up checks/audits are arranged as necessary, after the target dates for corrective action, to close nonconformities.
  • If in the follow up audit it is observed that action taken on any nonconformity is not effective or not taken then a CPA form is raised.