Digital Inkjet Fabric Printing Machine
Digital Inkjet Fabric Printing Machine

What is Industrial Inkjet Printing Machines?

Industrial Inkjet Printing Machines

Industrial Inkjet Printing Machines is a stream of liquid in the form of a dye solution produced by a spray nozzle. It is an innovative method for the application of wonderful patterns to the textile materials whose small droplets of dye solution are ejected and applied to a precise location. It is mainly used to produce pattern on carpet. Average speed =625000 drops/ sec. Design produce by CAD. Read about Digital Inkjet Fabric Printing Machine

  • Unlimited color is produced.
  • 0 (zero) waste printing.

Types of Ink-jet Printing:

It is mainly two types.

1. Continuous Ink-jet Printing.

2. Drop-on-Demand (DOD) Ink-jet Printing.

In continuous ink-jet printing the link is forced at high pressure through a small nozzle of (10-100) micros in diameter. Thus a continuous stream of dye droplet is format which is directed onto a substrate. This is achieved at a frequency of 625 KHZ. The droplets are selectively charged with negative electric charge. There are two application methods.

  1. Multilevel application:

Charged drops are used for printing and unchanged drops mare collected in a catcher. It is possible to control up to 30 different dot possible per nozzle. The ink is collected in a catcher and recirculated.

B. Binary Application:

The uncharged drops are used printing which the charged one are collected by the catcher. Only one dot position per nozzle is possible. The  ink is collected into catcher and recirculated.

  1. DOD:

Here droplets of color produced by nozzles that open or closed quickly on command from a computer are fixed into the substrate passing beneath the nozzles. Here the dye liquor is jacketed by a suitable electromagnetic valvs.Located in dye liquor feed tube in a pre determined sequence determined by the pattern to be printed. It is also called chromo tonic process.

Ink formation recipe-

Pigment- 2-4%




Water is required.

Design is made by-

1. Scanning.

2. Create design in CAD. 3. Directly formatting to digital pattern on machine

Steam Fixation of Prints:

Very considerable energy would have to be expended to dry the carpet (having about 250 pick up of print paste) the steaming time is much reduced when the process is carried out on wet carpet. The first requirement of the steamer is that must be capable of transporting the material through its interior without affecting the quality of goods and without allowing unfixed dye to mark off on to other parts of the print. The second requirement is that the steam quality must be such that dyes are fixed as rapidly as possible, with out any tendency to being or any loss of clarity of print.

Advantage of Ink-jet Printing:

Digital pattern data from CAD system can be used immediately to drive the printer, hence allowing quick customer response.

There are no screens to handle and there is instantaneous change of pattern and hence much improve machine occupation making short runs economically viable for comparison  changing screens on an eight color rotary screen carpet printing machine takes about 1 hour.

No screen replacement or storage space is required.

No physical pressure is exerted on the carpet pile therefore optimum surface appearance results.

Large repeats are possible without resorting to special techniques.

Disadvantage of Ink-jet Printing:

Skill worker need.

Very expensive.

• Higly configurable powerful Center Side QC module
• Completely new powerful recipe editor
• Manual match modification to adjust match results in the results table
• Textual and graphical lab recipe history
• Impressive and powerful 3-D dyestuff display in color space facilitates dyestuff selection for difficult matches
• Manual smartmatch housekeeping with computer aided grouping of similar points supported by exciting 3D graphics
• Green tile calibration for improved calibration reliablility
• Improved match input dialog allows to measure new substrates directly and simplifies selection of dyesets
• Save and restore match parameter settings
• Improved stock solution volume calculation reduces liquor amount if necessary


Usage of Industrial Inkjet Printing Machines for stock solution configurable per client. Restricted users can not delete or rename data, can not change important settings

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