Incoming Materials Identification

To identify products throughout the product realization and to specify product status during internal processing. With this letter please find attached a list of the documents we have included to give you detailed information on the GARMENTSPEDIA  process.


Finally if you have any queries regarding this audit or any questions once you have read this communication, please contact us for more information, for example, we have many of these documents in other languages. Applies to incoming materials, in-process stages and products made by AUTO Camp Ltd.


  • Manager, MCD is responsible for proper identification of incoming materials at the warehouse.
  • Cutting In-charge is responsible for identification of cut components.
  • Production Manager, Quality Control Manager/In-charges and staff of Quality Control is responsible for assigning and maintaining appropriate inspection and test status.



  • Identification of product by suitable means throughout product realization.
  • Identification of product status with respect to monitoring and measurement requirements.


  • Fabric and accessories will be identified by buyer name, style/order number, lor and item name.
  • Cut components bundles will be identified by style number or order number and size.
  • Sewing in-process sleeping bags will be identified by line number/name, style details, items and Buyer (the following information for each line shall be identified): ame/number, – running style number ,  item name, – buyer’s name
  • Finished sleeping bags will be identified by main label, price sticker, size label, main hang tag, etc. as per buyer instructions.
  • Cartons containing sleeping bags will be identified with printed marking on them as per instruction provided by buyer in the Purchase Order.
  • The following color marks will be used for the different inspection and test  of in-coming materials, cut components, in-process products and final sleeping bags described below:

– Quarantine:                        Blue

– Pass:                                    Green

– Non-conforming:              Yellow

– Reject:                Red

– Stock Lot:                          Orange


During issue and use of in-coming materials, in-process and finished sleeping bags inspection and test status shall be checked.

Non-conforming in-coming materials, in-process and finished seeping bags shall not be issued or used.

For our administrator to gain access to your SAQ and to upload your audit on Auto , it is important that you do the following within the Auto  system:

  1. Enter the audit details
  2. Choose us as your auditor
  3. Choose the person who will upload your audit (either from a pre populated drop down list called ‘auditor’ OR using details given by ourselves – our administrators  will help)
  4. Ensure the box is ticked to give us access to your SAQ and to allow your auditor to upload the audit.

To help you register on Auto , there are a number of guidance documents which will assist the above processes