Human Resources Management Software for your business need.

we are introducing you our new software for your business . We provide software that is essential for your business. This software can manage your employee. This software can manage your employee salary, provident fund. This software also will provide your necessary business report . This software is role-permission based application which can manage your users application filter according to authority. This software will provide your users instant necessary notifications. This software will provide instant general messaging. This software will provide your multiple company wise application. We are developing multiple module integrated solutions.

Following modules are provided by the software:

  • Recruitment
  • Organization Management (Organization, Branch, Department)
  • Employee Management (Employee profile)
  • Employee Facility (Salary)
  • Accounting (Expense and Income)
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Notifications
  • User Manager

Responsive Professional Application UI

Employee Management
Smart Live Dashboard
Smart Live Dashboard
Proper Instant Notification
Recruitment Menu
Proper Audit Log History Management to track every changes for your business information
  • Adding necessary information on your employee profiles like fixed allowance, fixed deduction, and tax info
  • How to create dynamic weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay calendars to pay user employees
  • Using pay runs to get started with salary payments
  • How you can generate useful reports to take vital business decisions regarding your employee salary
  • Getting handy copies of salary invoices that you can share and keep as a record.
  • How you can track, manage & run your pay calendars from a single platform

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