HR Compliance Jobs and Responsibilities
HR Compliance Jobs and Responsibilities

HR Compliance Jobs Duties and Responsibilities

HR Compliance Jobs

HR Compliance Jobs – All the factories of Auto Group are constantly in need of referring to various rules, regulations, laws & of labour & the maintenance of industrial work place, It has been specially compiled for easy access to various important provisions & requirement as per law & policy of the government as well as the policy of the Auto Group…

  • Follow up activities of workers / Employees during factory starting, Lunch Break & closing time at Factory gate. incorrect number of welfare officers
  • Maintain general discipline in the factory.
  • Maintain an efficient administration system, upgrade buyer compliance system, ensure safe, hygienic
  • and congenial working environment.
  • Ensure background investigations of security personnel. Control Security Guards check their physical
  • fitness & arrange Security training; also set-up security deployment.
  • Ensure repair and maintenance of all sanitary fixtures/fittings.
  • Ensure Periodic pest control.
  • Monitor food and canteen management, transport and waste management.
  • Monitor the activities of cleaning services.
  • Arrange periodic fire drill. Monitor & check all kinds of fire equipment.
  • Monitor the activities of daily/casual worker.
  • Monitor daily in/out goods gate pass & challan. Keep record daily/ monthly report.
  • Maintain necessary co-ordination with the local administration and related Government agencies (PS,
  • DC, Labor office, gas, DESA, DESCO, BGMEA, RAB Office etc.).
  • Maintain all legal documents.
  • Arrange Visa, Work Permit & Security Clearance issue.
  • Ensure regular supply of all utilities service.
  • Ensure physical protection including asset protection, work place violence prevention, access control
  • system, surveillance with internal & external theft & threat.
  • Carry out any special duty as and when required by Management for the interest of the organization.
  • According to section 12 to 21 of Bangladesh factory act, 1965 every factory must have taken step for cleanliness, disposal of wasters, ventilation, dust & fame, artificial humidification, over-crowding, pure drinking water, separate latrines for male & female workers & spittoons. Help to Prepare daily summery of attendance report for Management.
  • Help to Prepare Personnel file of all records.
  • Record late attendance & report to the Management for necessary steps.
  • Preparation of EMS documents as per the environmental requirements. no strong in house welfare team
  • Control the documents (documents review and revision whenever requires). factory has no welfare officer and factory does not have written procedure as to how workers can express themselves e.g. suggestion box
  • Authorize the activities of the EMS. records of swipe card & actual production records do not match (i.e. not complete & not accurate), so that payments / wages cannot be verified
  • regular wages and OT are not paid at the same time and are delayed, regular wages and OT not paid by 7th or 10th of each month (depending on factory size and country), does not include terminated workers . Conduction of environmental training and awareness programs.
  • Monitor and evaluate the environmental parameters and necessities.
  • Help other tasks and activities of the department as per requirements.
  • Conduction of environmental researches (if requires)
  • Others task assign by the departmental head / management.
  • Distribution of attendance /ID card for new recruited employees.
  • OT wages are not paid correctly to all workers, should include all workers, that are not staff as well as piece rate workers. Fill up the leave Form accordingly.
  • Overall responsibilities of planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring and management of all
  • major activities of the Human Resource Development (HRD).
  • Manpower planning and handling entire recruitment procedure, job advertisement, review, screening of
  • application and finalizing the process.
  • Responsible for ensuring the overall Human Resources functions and business compliance to
  • implement the overall business strategies.
  • Reduce extra work and constantly work on reducing the fixed overhead cost.
  • Assess the training need analysis of the employees and ensure proper training.
  • Develop and manage performance management, develop KPI’s and goal setting of the different level
  • employees with their supervisor and conduct appraisal process (Organizational Talent Management).
  • Job analysis and preparation of job description of staff.
  • Motivate and counsel the staff to ensure maximum productivity and profitability of the factory.
  • Monitor daily attendance & daily leave record.
  • Review and up gradation of HR Manual and policy periodically.
  • Ensure legal compliance of policies/procedures, termination, dismissal, compensation & benefits mgt.
  • Motivate the workforce so that they can work efficiently and effectively to meet organization’s goals.
  • Maintain all personal files and ensure effective payroll system.
  • Ensure good relationship is maintained between the factory and different external bodies.
  • Collect workers / employees if require.
  • Help to Welfare Officer to conducted awareness program for worker. And Help HR Executive to Disburse monthly salary & any others payments.
  • Others task assign by the departmental head / management.

Working Hours

According to section 43 to 49 of Bangladesh factories act. 1965 following facilities to be given for the workers. Washing, first aid canteens, day care center & appointment of a welfare officer.

  • The purpose of this handbook is to bring to the notice of the factories administrators the relevant labour laws, regulation & policy specially records of swipe card (regular working hours & OT) & actual production records do not match (i.e. not complete & accurate), so working hours cannot be verified, especially on excessive OT
  • factory does not have accurate/reliable system of recording working hours, not to be manual but e.g. timecard or electronic bar/sweep card system
  • OT not recorded by the computer system as the regular working hours are, OT hours not shown as such by the system, so that payment can be calculated accurately. OT is recorded separately e.g. manually
  • hardcopies of time card records should be available in case server goes down and records are not available during the audit
  • factory has not maintained in/out records for on roll workers and contracted security guards, so working hours and OT cannot be verified
  • excessive OT, factory should not allow workers to work more than the legal limit
  • consecutive days of work without day off, no compensatory leave given for work on weekends and holidays, factory should provide at least 1 day off in seven
  • security guards working hours are not within legal limit and are e.g. 2 shifts at 12 hours each i/o 3 shifts at 8 hours each
  • young workers are asked to work OT
  • working hour policy not in writing and not displayed on the floor
  • workers are not aware about the segregation of their duty hour
  • worker’s daily, weekly and monthly OT fixed and compulsory
  • lunch break less than 1 hour (should be a minimum of 1 hour)
  • weekly holiday is included in sick or casual leave, if it falls within the leave
  • casual leave not allowed for more than 2 days and taken off the earned annual leave
  • in case of maternity leave, factory did not mention leave duration (starting and ending date of leave) in leave application or in leave register
  • workers do not receive paid leave before completion of probationary period
  • factory does not have written policy of providing annual leave
  • leave records are not reflected manually as well as in software if both systems are in place, if only one system in place only this system to have the record


According to section 22 to 42 of labour rules of 1965, every factory must have take proper arrangement for precautions incase of fire, fencing of machinery, work on or near machinery in motion, employment of young persons on dangerous machines, striking gear & self-acting machines, casing of new machinery, lifts, pressure plant, floors, stairs & means of access, Excessive weights, protection of eyes, safety of building & machinery. HR Compliance Jobs and Responsibilities should be predefined in payrol system. Read More about Payroll

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