How to Write Complain Paper to Buying House

How to Write Complain Paper to Buying House

Buying House

  • Buying House Fashion Company was never able to arrange the materials and sample approval as per schedule, and for this we couldn’t proceed with production as per our planning which caused us additional cost and involvement. We sale Notice Management and Announcement Software
  • The fabrics quality (sourced by Buying Fashion Company  Fashion) was much inferior in quality and due to poor quality of fabric we had to do additional finishing work. Moreover we are in doubt if buyer would be asking compensation once shipped goods reach to buyer’s DC.
  • For the complete program of all 4 styles, the test sample raw materials (especially fabrics) and bulk production materials are not in same quality. Buying Fashion Company requested us to use similar quality fabric from other customer’s program to make the testing & photo/size set sample for running 2 styles.
  • We have accepted this program from Buying Fashion Company as CM based, where our responsibility is to keep the sewing quality and onetime delivery.  Unfortunately, Buying Fashion Company always tried to put some additional responsibility to us, which caused additional involvement form us as well as our management.
  • Before confirming the CM based program with Buying Fashion Company we clearly explained them why we were doing their program, and our general procedure that we always need 30 days production lead-time (no matter the garment qty), unfortunately, we never got proper production lead time for this program. Practically we got less than 50% time to complete the 1st lot delivery.
  • During negotiation the order Buying Fashion Company confirmed us that they need 75 pcs sample (against two styles) which would be taken form bulk production and we can short ship that qty as taken from bulk. But later Buying Fashion Company pushed us telling that their information was wrong & as per buyer request we had to arrange 75 pcs sample out of order qty (as a sample, without any price).


We never got on time and to the point reply from Buying House Company on any issue when requested. Even whatever reply we got from them, they always tried to avoid the subject, and tried to put the responsibility on us.

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