How To Install CCTV Camera

We need to arrange different instrument to make a complete cctv installation. AT first the motherboard of DVR should be mounting in casing. After that hard disk need to install, after that the DVD writer should be install. After installing DVD writer connect all internal cable connection insight the DVR unit. After assembling the whole system the power button need to switch on. After running the DVR system the software should be configured. After configuring the software anybody can access the DVR from Lan/Wan with the help of Internet browsers. Opera, Firefox, Google chrome are the very nice browser to access the system.

How to Install CCTV Camera – Hard Drive:

Generally DVR support 4 SATA hard disk or support 3 SATA hard disk with DVD writer. Use the good hard disk for security and safe. Please calculate Hard Disk capacity based on requirement of recording setting.

How to Install CCTV Camera - Hard Drive
HDD Installation
  1. First unscrew and open the top cover of the system
  2. After that setup the power and data cables.
  3. Install the hard disk onto the bottom casing.
  4. Finally screw the hard disk

How to Install CCTV Camera – DVD Writer:

  1. The writer should be compatible with other devices. DVD writer is installed only for backup
  2. At first unscrew and open the top cover of the system
  3. Setting the power cable and data cables.
  4. Than install the DVD writer into bottom of the case
  5. Finally mount the DVD writer.
How to Install CCTV Camera - DVD Writer
DVD Rom Installation

Single DVR Security Camera Installation:

  1. Please ensure all hardware of CCTV systems is available.
  2. Assemble DVR unit
  3. Make sure the power of 16 cameras.
  4. A VGA monitor or Television
  5. A lot of cat5 / cat6 network cable for connecting to a computer
  6. Connect all cameras with DVR unit with monitor
  7. Switch on the DVR system
  8. Set default system menu.
  9. Format the Hard Disk
  10. Set the values of the menu based on optimum requirement.
Single DVR Security Camera Installation
DVR Installation

Power Installation:

  1. Set proper voltage from power source.
  2. Please don’t share same power line with outer equipment’s.
  3. Please switch on the remote controller of the system
  4. Press the POWER button from the front panel of DVR
  5. Uninterrupted power supply and backup power source is mandatory.
Power Installation
Power Installation

Camera Installation – Contrast / Brightness:

  1. First click in INPUT button of CAMERA software menu.
  2. Set the contrast and brightness according to requirments.
  3. Adjust the brightness and contrast with the help of sliders
  4. To return the main menu click exit button
  5. To return to VIDEO Enhance, Click the EXIT

Security Camera Installation – IP:

  1. There are two kinds of IP setup option in DVR. One is DYNAMIC IP and others one is STATIC-IP option
  2. Dynamic receives IP address automatically from its protocol.
  3. Dynamic address need not to setup GATEWAY ADDRESS, SUBNET MASK and IP ADDRESS.
  4. Static address need customized IP

Port Configuration:

  1. Port is special type of TCP address of network protocol.
  2. Port can be set from 1 to 65535.
  3. Click the port button after that a text box will show up.
  4. Delete the default port number
  5. Set the required port number
  6. Click OK after setting port number

Security Camera Installation – Camera Connection:

  1. Make sure BNC connector is available
  2. Make sure coaxial cable is available
  3. Make sue jointer is available
  4. Make sure cable type is available
  5. Make sure wire pipe is available. The wire pipe protect the cable well
  6. Connect the cameras into the Video Input button located in the back side of DVR
  7. Use BNC connector to connect the coaxial cable with DVR
Security Camera Installation - Camera Connection
CCTV Network

Security Camera Installation Cost:

Some organization offer very low cost to setup the cctv system. Highest cost does not provide hight quality always. The specifications of security camera installation should check carefully before installing it.

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