All documents of external origin related to the Quality Management System are listed on Control Document Master List. The issue number or document number is not allocated simply because the company is not authorized to modify such documents. QMR & EMR will be responsible to keep close contact with the issuing or publishing authorities of such documents. To define the controls needed for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention   time and disposition of records. …


The QMR & EMR keeps all the documents of the Quality Management System & Environmental Procedure are stored in the computer and for safety purpose a back up in the form of floppy disks and in a Compact Disk. Applies to all quality records generated at Auto garments as an evidence of conformity to ISO 9001:2008 and effective operations of the company.


The EMR has responsibility for directing activities relating to this procedure. Where other functions have responsibility, they are so indicated. Records, as distinguished from documents, are static historic information. They do not change, and so do not have to control for change, as documents need to be.


The appropriate personnel involved with the activity write documents. Maagement Representative is responsible for specifying what records are needed to document conformance to the operative quality system as per ISO 9001:2008 as well as the records needed for the effective operation.

Department Manager or his/her nominee has the responsibility for retention and maintenance of quality records.


Copies of documents are distributed to the appropriate personnel who sign the Circulation Record

Uncontrolled photocopies are only allowed for use by external parties, e.g. customers, auditors, etc. These are stamped on the front page as “Uncontrolled Copy”.

Identify records to provide evidence of conformity to requirements of effective operation of the quality management system.

Ensure records shall be remaining legible, identifiable and retrievable.

Ensure control needed for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention

time and disposition records.


Management Representative shall specify what records are needed to conform to met legal and customer requirements in quality records list.

Records generated at Auto garments shall be identified in corresponding Quality System Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure and Quality Records List.

Management Representative shall identify retention time and disposal methods of quality records in the quality Records List. Retention period shall be sufficient to accommodate the purpose of the particular record. Attention should be paid to legal requirements for retention.

Records shall be filed, indexed in a way that they are readily retrievable and shall be   protected in suitable environment to prevent damage or deterioration and to prevent loss. To achieve this, the following methods may be followed:

Records will be filed based on type. If different types of records preserved in one file, then the file will be indexed.

Each file shall have unique identification number & name.

Prson responsible for maintenance of files shall maintain a list of files with custodian location.

Permanent ink shall be used in writing quality records.

Department Heads shall make quality records available for audits or review.

Customer or customer representative shall be permitted access to quality records where provision is made in contract or by the approval of General Manager/ Managing Director.

Computer System Security

Electronic data and records will be controlled and secured using a back-up system. Backup will be taken every day or week as required. Instead of type backup, preserved as backup.

Several Personal Computers can be made available in different departments to aid in the work. The person using the PC shall be responsible to secure files containing quality records by using password.

Disposal of Quality Records:

Upon completion of the minimum retention period, department may, at its discretion destroy the quality records by burning or shredding.

Copies are allowed for working activities.

Changes are made according to sections  and the issue number advanced.

Amended issues are sent to the QMR & EMR for inclusion in controlled copies of the relevant document. The Change Proposal and a copy of the obsolete document are kept in the Obsolete Document File.

Department heads are responsible for withdrawal and destruction of old issues and distribution of new issues to the concerned work areas.

Department Manager shall review:

that all records used in his/her department are in the quality records list.

permanent ink is being used in preparing records.

all information are properly recorded, records are filed and files are

indexed where necessary.

record files are kept such a place which ensure lost, damage, etc.

Document Name

  • Safety Committee Meeting – 2018
  • Awareness Training Program – 2018
  • PPE Training Program – 2018
  • Risk Assessment 2018
  • Management System Meeting – 2018
  • Observation ( Master File) – 2018
  • Training Evaluation Docs
  • Revised Policy – 2018
  • First Aid Docs – 2018
  • First Aid Meeting & Training
  • Welfare Meeting & Training
  • WPC Meeting & Training
  • Policy Meeting
  • Participation Committee (L.M) – 2018-2019
  • New Workers’ List
  • New Workers’ Training Program: Fin-1 & 2
  • Induction Training On Fire
  • Awareness On Family Planning & AIDS
  • Child Care Program
  • Grievance & Suggestion Docs
  • Health & Sanitation Meeting – Cleaner
  • Disciplinary Log ( For Buyer)
  • Black Listed Workers
  • Disciplinary Action : Fin- 1 & 2
  • Resign Docs – AKM – 2018
  • Internal Audit – AKM
  • Internal Audit – Washing
  • Internal Audit – Accessories
  • Internal audit – Pacific
  • Orientation – 2018
  • Absent Register
  • Health & Safety Register
  • Letter Issue
  • PA System Policy
  • PA System General
  • Pregnant Workers Follow Up
  • Maternity Leave Entry, Update of Pregnant Workers’ Personal Files, Debit Voucher of 1st & 2nd Installment, Letter Issue of Maternity Workers, etc.
  • All Staff Files
  • All Operators Files
  • All Promotion Files Update
  • All Q.I, LPS, Cleaner Files
  • Internal Resign Report
  • All Meeting & Training Docs Update
  • Office Order, facsimile
  • Welfare Fund & Education Fund
  • CAP for different buyers
  • Policy
  • Revised Policy – 2018
  • Policy Meeting
  • PA System – Policy
  • Office Order, Facsimile, Showcause, Warning Letter
  • Safety Committee Meeting – 2018
  • Whole Factory Investigation, Report, Disciplinary Action
  • Safety Committee Meeting – 2018
  • Awareness Training Program – 2018
  • New Workers’ Training Program: Fin-1 & 2
  • Absent Register
  • Health & Safety Register
  • Black Listed Workers
  • Internal Resign Report
  • All Q.I, LPS, Cleaner Files
  • Maternity Leave Entry, Update of Pregnant Workers’ Personal Files, Debit Voucher of 1st & 2nd Installment, Letter Issue of Maternity Workers & other maternity related docs.

Any anomaly found shall be reported to Management Representative and department head for corrective action. The original document, signed, unstamped and dated, is retained in the Central Quality File. All Level 1 & 2 documents copies issued to a department are stamped “Controlled Documents” and are recorded on a Controlled Document Master List, , for each department/function. A Circulation Record, accompanies each original document.