General Manager GM Marketing & Sourcing

With  reference to  your  interview  at  our  office,  we are  pleased  to  appoint you as a General Manager (GM), Marketing & Sourcing with effect from 2nd  April 2016. He should have knowledge about Apparel Merchandising 

As a General Manager (GM), Marketing & Sourcing department you will be responsible to set up Merchandising department well, Buyer handling, facing technical audit, team work building between all others section / department etc. and shall be reporting to the Managing Director, at the Company site.

Other terms of the employment will be as follows:


Your probation period will be for 6 months. During this period, your service may be terminated at any time without giving any notice whatsoever. Depending on your performance, your service may either be confirmed or the probation period may be extended, at the end of this 06 months’ probation period.

During the period you are on probation you will not be entitled to any leave except on account of sickness.

After confirmation, in case Company intends to terminate your service or you desire to leave the Company, clear 30 (Thirty) days’ notice or one month’s pay in lieu thereof from either side, as the case may be, will be required to be given.


2 (Two) festival allowances will be paid to annually each equivalent to one month’s basic salary as per our Company Policy.

Lunch or allowance in lieu of, will be provided during office hours.

Income tax:

All taxes, if any, on your income will be paid/maintain with your own responsibility.

Casual, Medical and Earn Leave, Separation from Company

Your leave will be guided by the Staff manual of the company, prepared in accordance with the Labor Law, Labor Rules and other industrial relation conventions.

Office hours:

You will observe normal hours of work applicable to the office. You may need to spend additional hours as may be necessary for the efficient discharge of your work.

Others terms & Condition:

It is an expressed condition of this contract that you will not pass on, disclose to or discuss with any unauthorized person either during your employment with the Company or after cessation of employment  any information, incident or document concerning the Company’s business, agreements, finances, planning, manuals etc. or staff salaries. Failure to observe this condition will be construed as breach of trust and can warrant your dismissal and/or make you liable to such action as deemed appropriate under law.

You will not engage yourself directly or indirectly in any business other than that of this Company and you should regard the affairs of the Company strictly

Your service with the Company will be governed by the Company’s Service Rules now in existence or to be framed/ amended in future.


All regulation, policies, procedures to in your letter of appointment is those currently in force and they may be changes at company’s discretion. You will be however notified of these changes as and when they take place.

If the terms of this offer are acceptable to you, please sign and return the duplicate of this letter as a token of your acceptance and advise by return the date from which you will be able to commence your employment with us.

Yours faithfully,

GM Marketing