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At present our company do not have Website yet but the company website is under construction. My office address is at  166 Market  Road Aba in  Abia State- Nigeria. I am doing import/export business since 1978. We also represent some foreign companies in Nigeria. Eziyi Trading Company Nigeria Ltd, introducing ourselves Importer, Consultants  and Sourcing Accredited Commission Local Agent duly registered with our Government here in Nigeria and also

Importer and  Exporter  in  General Commerce , major in GARMENTS,APPAREL,CLOTHING and TEXTILE   Products , is highly experienced in supporting Foreign companies entering the Nigeria market. Our unique multi-phase service offerings allow you to avoid expensive mistakes and seamlessly expand your presence in  Nigeria  as market conditions dictate. With a presence in your Country and Nigeria, we will tightly integrate with your company to accelerate the business development process.

Our existing network of high level contacts can be leveraged to quickly get your product or service in front of key decision makers. We have opened the door and built working relationships for our Foreign suppliers in Nigeria as well as gained high level access to Nigeria owned companies. We have also delivered joint market development agreements that allow our Foreign Partners to gain access to wide range of new potential customers while benefiting from the established credibility of their new Nigeria  partners.

We offer the following quality services; Purchase and Sales negotiations, Marketing, Export, Import, Outsource, Distribution products across borders & provide representation for international companies who wish to establish themselves in Nigeria  or expand their existing business base in Nigeria and worldwide.

Nigeria  is considered today’s land of opportunities with its Largest Markets in West Africa. We help you make the most from the opportunities in Nigeria and extract maximum returns on business. In Eziyi Trading Company Nigeria Ltd  , we are looking for oversea suppliers who are interested to supply their products to Nigeria through a reliable trading partner. If you wish to explore this very opportunity to expand your business to Nigeria, we are pleased to partner with you. You can send us list of other products you wish and can supply to Nigeria  and we will develop the market for the products to get you potential buyers.

Eziyi Trading Company Nigeria Ltd  promotes itself as a turn-key solutions provider while providing our clients with the ability to the services they need. Business consulting is a broad term and many consulting firms fall short in their ability to facilitate a wide range of services.

Also tell us your nearest sales office to Nigeria or your sales office here in Nigeria if available as we wish and desire to create with your reputable firm a long lasting and beneficial business relationship now and in the nearest future on your products.

Eziyi Trading Company Nigeria Ltd  is different in that our seasoned core business development team utilizes confident interactions with a circle of available resource to meet client real needs.

Eziyi Trading Company Nigeria Ltd  is dedicated to serve the needs of International Trade.

Kindly send us your best   CIF  Price quotation  offer  at our Discharge Seaport -Lagos-Apapa-seaport-Nigeria and also confirm your monthly supply/production capability on this below listed item for our study and presentation of our major buyer here in other to secure an order from there,
Please if there are other more details specification about your product feel free to send it to us and samples pictures if any  for our study and presentations.

Our Major and current customers on this demand of our required Products   is Nigeria Large Markets  and our Governments.
Attached is our Company Registration Certificate.

Looking   forward  to seeing your response if our Company Profiles is Accepted by you.

Yours faithfully,
For  Eziyi Trading Company Nigeria  Ltd