Garments and Textile ERP Developed by Autogarment

Garments and Textile ERP Developed by Autogarment

Garments and Textile ERP Developed by Autogarment

We sale garments and Textile ERP for rmg factories in Bangladesh and abroad. NewGen have developed the flowing modules

 Organization
 Profile
 Recruitment
 Attendance
 Leave
 Performance Management
 Training & Development
 Disciplinary Action
 Payroll
 Global HR Settings
 Hierarchy Of Organization
 Division
 Department
 Section
 Line
 Organogram
 Can Upload Useful File In each Level
 Move Position From one level to another level
 Shows Budget and Current Employee In Each Level Of Organization.
 Information Store both Bangla and English
 Employee Validation Implemented From Profile
 Can Update Current Employment information
 Employee Contact, Employee Qualification, Job Description, Employment History, Nominee Info, Profile Picture, Logistic Info, Training Info, Employee Financial Accounts, Employee Content, Employee Process can be add/Update from Profile
 All Kind Of Previous Report Like Appointment Letter, Joining Letter, Id Card, Medical Test Report, Skill Test Report Can Be Found From Profile
 Job Requisition
 Job Posting
 Create Applicant
 Search Applicant And Create Report About Applicant With Different Query
 Different Phase Of Recruitment
 Collect Information By HR
 Medical Test By Medical Team
 Skill Test By R&D
 Salary Negotiation
Recruitment Reports
 Reports for different query for applicant
 Medical Test Report
 Skill Test Report
 Appointment Letter
 Joining Letter
 Reject Applicant Report
 New Employee Report
 Job History
 Confirmation Letter
 Monthly Migration Report
 Resigned Report
 Lefty Report
 Terminated Report
 Manual & Auto attendance of employee
 Over Time
 Extra Overtime
 Attendance Bonus
 Holiday Overtime
 Employee Preference
 Roster Preference
 Day Preference
 Designation Preference
 Organization Preference
 Manual Entry Employee Log
 Show live In/Out status of any level of organization for automatic attendance system
Attendance Report
 Daily Absent Report
 Daily And Monthly Absenteeism
 Daily Late Report
 Holiday Work Summery
 Job Card
 Two Days Report
 Three Days Report
 Section wise Strength
 In Attendance Missing
 Out Attendance Missing
 Holiday Overtime Ledger
 Daily Early Out Report
 Monthly Late, Absent, Early Out, Leave, Half day Summery
 Monthly Attendance Summery
 Extra Overtime Payment Sheet Ledger
 Employee can directly apply leave through web portal
 To apply leave for worker there is a sub module for Leave Admin who can apply leave on behalf of the worker.
 Search leave with different queries.
Leave Reports
 Leave Summery Report(Probation)
 Leave Summery Report(Permanent)
Performance Management
 This Module Needs the Following:
 Requirement Gathering
 Requirement Analysis
 Development
 Testing
 Implementation Challenge
Training & Development
 This Module Needs the Following:
 Requirement Gathering
 Requirement Analysis
 Development
 Testing
 Implementation Challenge
 Add Car, Computer, Credit Card, Id Card, Laptop, Proximity Card From Logistic Module.
 Many More Logistic Item Can Be Added From This Module If Configured
 Search Logistic Item With Different Queries.
Logistics Reports
 Print Staff Id Card
 Print Worker Id Card
 Print Proximity Card
 Lost Card Info
 Pay grade
 Increment
 Arrears
 Salary(All Benefit)
 Loan
 Advance
 Absent Deduction
 Leave Without Pay
 Stamp Deduction
 Other Deduction
 Over Time Amount
 Extra Overtime Amount
 Mobile Allowance
Payroll Reports
 Pay Slip
 Salary Sheet(Worker And Staff)
 Salary Sheet(Manager)
 Bank Salary Sheet
 Payroll Configuration Report
 Tiffin Report
 Holiday Benefit Statement(Staff)
 Holiday Benefit Statement(Worker)
 Extra Overtime Payment Sheet
 Salary Man Power
 Monthly Extra Overtime Statement
 Monthly Attendance Bonus Statement
 Monthly Overtime Statement
 Salary Statement
 New Employee Salary Status
 Salary And Extra Overtime for staff, worker, manager.
 Salary+OT+EOT+Holiday OT+Staff Bill
Global HR Setting
 Why We Need This Module???
 To set skill type
 To set termination type
 To set termination reason
 To set position type
 To set leave Reason
 To set leave types
 To set public holidays
 To set logistic type
 To set process grade and benefit.

Additional Necessary Reports
 Audit Reports Generation
1. Job Card
2. Attendance Reports
3. Salary Sheet
Total Report Status
 Report status
 Total HR report – 85 reports
 Not required – 03 reports
 Actual HR report – 82 reports
 Completed report – 49 reports (Out of 85)
 Additional report – 07 reports
 Total completed report – 56 reports
 Under development – 33 reports
Parallel Development After Implementation
 Festival Bonus
 EL Benefit
 Recreation Allowances
 Contributed Provident Fund
 Gratuity Provision
 Service Benefits
 Reports(33 Reports)
 Corporate salary (Grade is not assigned)
 Security salary (Audit Mode Roster setting)
 Final settlement(Report is under development)
 Maternity benefit payment sheet
 Half salary sheet
 Performance management system
 Training & Development
 Disciplinary action

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