Garment Quality Control Checklist
Garment Quality Control Checklist

Garment Quality Control Checklist for a Factory

Garment quality control checklist

  • Garment quality control checklist – Any type of final inspection problem (Recheck) Quality dept. become responsible not production. Read more about Top 100 QC Tools & Quality Tools
  • All recheck done by QC not others (final /internal)
  • For skip / broken stitch – production people not take proper and prompt action.( reply that quality will check after that production will take necessary action)
  • Any problem find out by QC – if supervisor not capable to correct it then QC will go to solve it by senior management.
  • For defect (shade) – supervisor ask to go to senior management for solving the problem.
  • Daily rolling inspection Report
  • Daily in process Report
  • End table Report
  • Measurement inspection Report
  • Hourly lot pass Report
  • Daily Alter analysis Report
  • Pre-Final & Final inspection Report
  • 100% finished goods measurement record key point
  • Fusing Test Report
  • Button pull test Report
  • Metal Detaction calibaration Report
  • Rejection Fabric Report &Re-processing Report
  • Reject Goods Keeping Report
  • Maintenance wants tolerance for skip stitch 100/2 but who will ensure it.
  • Supervisors work as helper not supervises the problems and sewing line.
  • Hourly full quantity garments not supply to output
  • Label mistake not solve permanently
  • Any garment quality control checklist problem find out by QC, supervisor call to operator for continuing production.  
  • A, B & C shade – production continue for hoping pack separately.
  • Held up garments in QC box – supervisor not care of it on time to repair.
  • Tendency of supervisor that responsibility shouldering to QC for defect.
  •  Bundle not controlling in sewing line.
  • Tang top piping not match as per cutting / summery not maintained.
  • Traffic light system – Red flag problem not solve immediately.
  • After identify defect – production transfer it to front without rectification.
  • Operator always negligence about defect and tell to talk with supervisor.
  • For reject – responsibility goes to production and QC not maintenance.
  • R&D persons give importance about production not quality.
  • Any garment quality control checklist problem – production people tell my responsibility is to do production not quality.
  • More defects occurred but no one care of it.
  • Fabric 4 point system Procedure
  • Fabric Relaxation (S.O.P)
  • Cutting Section Bundling (S.O.P)
  • Cutting Spreading (S.o.p)
  • Cutting Rejection Goods (Parts) Replacement (S.o.p)
  • Cutting Parts number matching at sewing line( S.o.p)
  • Care Label Main Label & any Decoration Label (S.O.P)
  • Accessories Inspection Procedure
  • Problem of operator not communicate to supervisor but only communicate to QC.
  • Knowledge of styling very poor of supervisor cannot identify the problem.
  • Relationship between production and QC very unfortunate.
  • Finishing area defect not care by production and depend on finishing solving operator.
  • Supervisor tendency is to pas s with defect as a result operator will occurs same defect.
  • Defect not solve on time (garments kept in bag and solve end of the day)
  • Inventory Report
  • Accessories Inspection Report
  • Fabric shrinkage Report
  • Lab test Report
  • Fabric inspection Report
  • Fabric relaxation Report
  • Marker check Report
  • Spreading Layer Report
  • Cut panel inspection Report (3 pcs system)
  • 100% cut panel inspection Report
  • 100%cut panel Quality check Report
  • Cutting defect analysis Report
  • Label issue register not maintain properly.
  • Huge defect occurring due to style change.
  • Create more defects due to operator change frequently.
  • Any type of garment quality control checklist problem not solve on time but check with other floors.
  • During any confrontation, supervisor call to QC – get out from my line.
  • No headache about spot defect by production concern.

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