FSC Paper Sourcing

FSC Paper- No claim will be met unless written the Company thereof receives notice within 10 days of delivery to the Consignee. The Company’s liability in respect of loss, damage, non-delivery, or miss-delivery of any papers howsoever caused is strictly limited as follows…

  • In order to evaluate the FSC Paper source`, the Paper source should be evaluated. The below points be checked
  • If the source is DSC Coc complaint
  • The compliance record to be checked in FSC websight. The Web: info.fsc.org.
  • The evaluation form has to be filled up by required information by MR and this will be distributed to sourcing department and Store.
  • The sourcing Dept will keep this record and will send the work order sheet to supplier.  The work order sheet must show the FSC Claim, suppliers FSC COC and validity.
  • The  Proforma Invoice of Paper must show the
  • Sources COC Number
  • FSC Claim
  • GSM
  • Price etc.
  • The LC copy preferably should show the FSC Claim of the paper to be purchased.
  • Paper Purchase documents distribution and preservation procedure:-
  • The sourcing department will distribute the
  • Proforma Invice
  • LC Copy
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice

Purchasing the FSC Paper

The Customer expressly warrants that all papers are properly packed and prepared by the Customer for carriage, but if the Customer instructs the Company to pack such paper, the Company shall not be handle for any damage to the papers, and the Customer shall indemnity the Company against all losses or claims in any way arising from the state of packing or preparation of the papers.

  • For  Purchasing the FSC Paper, the below points to be considered.
  • Paper Souce’s valid FSC COC Status. Which the MR updates monthly checking from the Web sight and distribute to Sourcing and Store department.
  • The paper is to be ordered as per the Work order generated by Sourcing department.  When the Paper seller issues Proforma Invoice, the below points to be checked properly.
  • Source’s COC Number and its validity
  • FSC Claim
  • GSM
  • Sizes
  • Grammage
  • It is a must that the Letter of Credit must be opened showing
  • FSC Claims
  • Manufacturer’s name and its FSC COC number.
  • Specification of the paper etc.
  • The Paper inventory sheet should be preserved by Store, Production Dept, Sourcing and MR.
  • The Production Department should issue requisition based on the paper inventory report in the Requisition form.  The requisition form should show below Points.
  • Paper Source name
  • Source  COC Number
  • COC validity
  • Item description
  • Purpose of using the paper
  • Quantity in pieces and kgs
  • After each issuance of the requisition by production floor the paper inventory report to be updated and distributed to Sourcing, production floor and MR so that all parties can e updated on latest paper stock.
  • The MR will evaluate the Websight montly basis and update the evaluation form and distribute to Sorucing and store department.
  • Since factory uses only one kind of FSC Claim the wastage figure record can be prepared as below :-
  • Issue of Paper in Weight minus finished product net  weight. The difference will be considered as wastage.


The customer expressly warrants: That he is either the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of the FSC Paper to which the transaction relates and That he is authorized to accept these Conditions not only for himself but also as agent for and on behalf of all other persons who may become interested in the FSC Paper.