Frequency Inverters

Frequency Inverters – Power deficit: Latest statistics reveal that Bangladesh faces a power deficit of up to 2000 MW against a demand of 5000 MW daily. It may be noted that for proper ICT development an uninterrupted power supply is a must.  

Sl. Description of items Qnty Unit Price Amount/Tk.
01. HITACHI FREQUENCY INVERTERS, MODEL: SJ300-150HFE, CAPACITY: 15 KW, 400V AC, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ, MADE IN JAPAN. 4 Nos. 112,000.00 448,000.00
02. HITACHI FREQUENCY INVERTERS, MODEL: SJ300-300HFE, CAPACITY: 30 KW, 400V AC, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ, MADE IN JAPAN. 1 No. 195,000.00 195,000.00
03. HITACHI FREQUENCY INVERTERS, MODEL: SJ300-450HFE, CAPACITY: 45 KW, 400V AC, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ, MADE IN JAPAN. 1 No. 267,500.00 267,500.00

Note: The above prices are included all costs for upto delivery at your factory.


  • Validity of offer: 30 days from the date of offer. 
  • Payment: 50% amount in advance on order confirmation and balance 50% before delivery at your factory.
  • Delivery: 21 days (to checked during order confirmation).
  • Made in Japan. It is used in 6Kva UPS
  • Installation: Charge not included.
  • Warranty: 1 year from the date of delivery.

Network infrastructure: Outside Dhaka, at present a few computer network infrastructures have been developed so far. Apart from some educational institutes outside Dhaka, observation finds that most of the LAN setups are Dhaka centric. This observation reveals the reality of the digital gap even within the country. Frequency Inverter Price List. Network iIfrastructure

Use of Internet: For the ICT development Internet users of the country must be increased. In this case our position is the worst one among the South Asian countries. The latest statistics (ITU, 2007) revealed that Internet penetration in our country is only 0.3%. Whereas, in Pakistan and India, it is 7.3% and 5.3% respectively.

Under sea submarine cable: Since 2006, Bangladesh has been connected to worldwide Internet Super High Way through an under sea submarine cable. But this single submarine cable frequently faces disruption resulting in slow bandwidth. End of Frequency Inverter Price List. Network iIfrastructure