Free Chat Lines System

We can install free chat lines softwre for your company. We can help you to install different types of Free Chat Lines System which are develolped by multinatinal companies. In this section we will configure tawk. to chat system developed in wordpress platform. 2,200,000+ users are using this FREE live chat app. For any queries, please Contact Us.

Internet Free Chat Lines System Installation
Internet Free Chat Lines System Installation


  • Completly Free
  • It can be robotics or human based .
  • After configuring it you need to login it.
  • Real time visitor will knock you.
  • When they will knock you, you will heare a ring tone
  • Stay connected with your customer anywhere from your compute or mobile
  • Customer like this very much because of better conversation
  • It enable multiple websites
  • It supports on Android, IOS, Mac, Windows
  • Real time support service for customer
  • Best way to generate leads
  • Widegate adding facility in your website
  • Manage and invie agent
  • Answer online chat incomming
  • Capable to view chat history
  • User messaging facility
  • User ticketing facility
  • Facility to set your personal profile
  • Managing Aliases and cerating Aliases
  • Setting and configuring sound system
  • Notification facility
  • Banned user facility
  • You can disable user account
  • Bubble message enabling
  • Pre chat form
  • Facility of direct chat link without website
  • Wideget schedular facility
  • Agent to Agent chat faciity
  • Creating triggers and managing triggers
  • Managing department
  • Remove branding and white level
  • Integration with durpal, weebly, wordpress etc

How to Create Account

Use a email e.g. and set your profile. Please be remeber when a visitor put a message, you will get a notification via this email address. After crating an account you can see dashboard like below screen-

Dashboard of Tawk to Live Chat

Setting Menu

Setting menu lookls like below screen

Setting menu of tawk to

Wideget Code: From the above screen shot copy wideget code and paste it your wordpress text wideget.

Direct Chat Link : You can chat with your customer directly with the link without having a website

Widget Setting: If you click this option you can see below information that you can configure

  • Hide estimated wait time
  • Disable sound notification
  • Disable message preview
  • Disable agent typing notification
  • Disable visitor typing notification
  • Disable browser tab notification
  • Hide widget when offline
  • Hide widget on load
  • Hide widget on mobile
  • Disable emoji selection
  • Disable file upload
  • Disable chat rating

Widget Appearance: You can change it in different ways. Some are –

  • Maximized Width: 350
  • Maximized Height: 450
  • Bubble: Match widget with bubble theme.
  • Mobile Widget: Looks of Icon
  • Widget Colors: Set multi color
  • Header Background color : #03a84e
  • Header Text color : #ffffff
  • Agent Message Background color : #039746
  • Agent Message Text color: #ffffff
  • Visitor Message Background color : #e5e5e5
  • Visitor Message Text color : #333333

Widget Content: “We are live and ready to chat with you now. Say something to start a live chat” You can set the content when –

Select a view to customize the widget content, and add a prechat form.

  • When Online
  • When Away
  • When Offline
  • Pre chat Form

Consent Form: Consent form include below information –

  • Require consent from: Everyone
  • Consent message: Enter Content Message
  • Privacy policy link (Optional): Enter Privacy Policy Link
  • Privacy policy text (Optional): Enter Privacy Policy Text
  • Opt-In Button: Enter
  • Opt-Out Button: Enter

Availability Restirction: You can on of in below tow format

Domain Restriction: By default, the code will work on all the domains where it has been inserted. To restrict to specific domains, enable this functionality and specify the domains.

Country Restriction: By default, the widget will be shown to all visitors. To show or hide the widget for visitors from specific countries, enable this functionality and specify the countries.

Schedular: You can enable schedular 24/7

Property Setting: You can set below option

  • Site Name: Bangla Autogarment
  • Site URL:
  • Site ID: 5d1f14e422d70e36c2a4460e
  • API Key: af24b25114125ae26130138ef8bff472fcd8b449
  • Ticket Forwarding Email:
  • Secure javascript API : On/Off
  • Site Status : On/Off
  • Delete this property permanently? Yes/ Not

Property Member: Number of member will display here. e.g. Mashiur, Najmul islma Rajon. It has tow status current and pending


  • Enter Shortcut Name : Sc
  • Shortcut Message : Thank you very much for communication with us

You can drop and email

Agent: Example of agent name: Masoom Ahmed, Mubira, Megha Shetty, Ramziya Rahiman

You can drop and email

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