Clothes Folding Machine

This is a textile machinery works as fabric folders used in textile factory or textile mills. This machine is specially designed primarily for the folding of fabric and textile design. Clothes folding machine is mainly used for folding cloth. These clothes folding machines are easy in operation and perform smoothly without noise. Cloth folding machines are easy to use, robust construction, low maintenance, durable and reliable and Long service life. It also used for home textile for making textile fabrics. Clothes folding machine is used after Compactor Machine.

Function of Cloth Folding Machine :

Function of cloth folding machine in textile factory is given here-

  • This cloth folding machine  is working as fabric folders in Textile Company as well as in home textile,
  • Doubling, lapping, measuring the fabrics with inlet from plait or loose fabrics, rolls or batchers as well as for outlet,
  • Foot switch is used for withdraw the finished fabrics to send the empty sword plate in home textile as well as in textile industry,
  • Hard or loose folding feature, due to torque controlled by industrial machinery

Specifications of Fabric Folding Machine:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name“][label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“]
Product CategoryFinishing
Machine CategoryFold Machine
Product Namefabric folding machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
Brand/Manufacturerindustrial machinery for textile company
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Power380V , 1.1+10kw
Production Capacity20 Sets/Month
Max pleat width1650mm
Pleat speed0—100pleat/min
Motor power1.1KW
Electric heating power10KW
Gross weight1400KG
DescriptionThe process of  textile fabrics are suitable for creating different types of clothing,skirt,scarf,covers and various adornments in textile company


The main function of this department is fabric folding or rolling of fabric .This is the department where the quality of the raw material and the finished product is checked .This department consist of testing, inspection & folding.

Fabric is so obtained is inspected and packed for selling purpose .It involves 5 steps:

  1. Inspection
  2. Grading
  3. Cutting plan
  4. Packing
  5. Faults observed


Cloth roll

inspection machine

folding machine




  • 10 –point system(Japanese system)
  • 4-point system (American system)

Here the system used is 4 point system .In the system, the faults are categorized on the basis of faults length as show below:

0-3 inches ——– 1 point

3-6 inches——–2 point

6-9 inches——-3 point

9 inches & above——-4 point

Here according to the length of the faults ,each faults is assigned respective points. A total 38 points per 100m clothes are acceptable .The pieces with more than 38 points per 100m is rejected .The faults with 4 points are considered as major damages and that with single points are considered as miner damages.


  1. INSPECTION MACHIENS –There are total 9 inspection machines for the fabric inspection. The manufacture is ALMAC. The speed of the inspection is kept 20-25 mpm.
  2. FOLDING OR FLATING MACHINES- There is 2 folding machines used for forming the bale of the fabric.
  3. ROLLING MACHINE- there is one rolling machine for forming the roll of cloth.
  4. BALE PRESSING MACHINE-there are two bale-pressing machines for pressing the bale.
  5. MENDING TABLE-there are two mending table for reworking i.e. for mending the damages if possible.


It is done in a American style i.e. 4 points system

0-3 inch damage is considered as 1 point

3-6 inch damage is considered as 2 point

6-9 inch damage is considered as 3 point

9 inch damage is considered as 4 point


It is given to the small pieces which can also be sold in 50 kg bag.

Frend name is given to piece if length is in 60-90 cm.

Rags name is given to piece if length is in between 30-60cm.

Chindi name is given to piece if length is in between 0-30cm.


Grading is done in order to differentiate between good quality material and poor quality material .Different grade which are given to denim fabric are:

Grades       D.P/100yd2           major point          peace length          part

Ultimo        10                        ———-                   80-125                  1

Platinum     10                           1                          80-125                   1

Gold              20                          3                          80-125                    1-2

Fresh             40                          5                          80-125                    1-2

SSI                  40                          6                          80-125                   1-2

2nd                            6015                       80-125                   1-4

2SL                 60                            15                      80-125                   NA

2S3V         shade variation           NA                     80-125                 NA

2SV            continuous defect      NA                     80-125                NA


Cutting plan is made in accordance with the number and type of defects.


Packing for despatch able material is done in continuous by machine of LPDE sheet which is used for protecting the material from moisture and damage. Package is done mechanically by machine named after the company PENGUIN-COIMBATORE having rpm 1500 .The threading diagram is as follows:


  • MINOR FAULTS: This includes slubs, stains and contamination.
  • MAJOR FAULTS: This include the faults like bent pick, double  pick , thick pick, stain mark , oily weft.

Feature of Textile Machinery:

The features of textile machinery for making textile fabrics is described below-

fabric folding machine
Folding Machine
  • Easy to operate textile fold machine type of textile machinery
  • Low power consumption for this type of textile machinery during checking of  textile fabrics
  • High efficiency
  • Textile machinery is made by steel sheets by welding and edge folding.

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