Flat Screen-Printing Machine

Initially there were two types of types of flat screen-printing machine for carpets namely BDA machine (Manufactured for a time by Single Cobble) and that produced by peter Zimmer. Read about Rotary-Screen Printing Machine

The BDA machined in operation until 1990 but none is still in use. In this machine a reservoir of dye was confined between the blades of a double squeegee passed. To achieve this conventional rubber transport blanket was replaced by an endless belt of perforated metal platens which carried the carpet forward when the screens were lifted after each printing cycle. The screens are covered with (60-70) mesh polyester screen fabric. Despite the relatively low vacuum used (about 75 mm water gauge) it was possible to obtain good penetration on fairly long pile carpets. The maximum speed of the BDA machine is about 5 m/min.

Study on Carpet manufacturing (Machines &unlike dyeing process) technology first we thought its easy topics for our senior project work. But when we started our work that time understood what a hard project.

First we wanted to know where carpet is made. We searched the internet and got Bengal Carpet is the only carpet manufacturer in Bangladesh. First we went their corporate office in 37 Kamal Ataturk Aavenue, Banani-Dhaka-1213. Then our honorable course instructor gave us a forwarding letter to Bengal carpet for 10days thesis work. But after 15 days later there was no Bengal carpet office. That time we were disappointed about our project work. Then we told about Bengal carpet to our honorable Instructor . Then she tried to search about the Carpet manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Then she told us to go carpet show rooms at Elephant road in New market. Then we went new market and tried to search about Carpet manufacturers in Bangladesh. Then we understood Carpet were the only Carpet Importers in Bangladesh. They told us there is no Carpet manufacturer in Bangladesh. We also disappointed about our Project work.

Bengal carpet was one of the Carpet manufacturers in Bangladesh. is company produced different types pf Carpet & gives them different printing effect. In Millat camp and Society handicrafts also produced different types of carpet in Bangladesh.

But now a day’s carpet demand decreasing day by day.

Most of the people in our country live in under poverty level and they have no enough idea about carpet. Because 85% of them depends on agriculture and 15% of them depends on Job, business etc. In Bangladesh more than 50% people are supporting their live by hand to mouth system.. So in 15% people only 8% are very rich. So its easy to understand what would be the carpet market in Bangladesh.

So demand of the carpet for Bangladeshi people is not mandatory with their life. Few people in a city who are using carpet in hotels, show rooms and also using house for decorative purposes. On the other hand they wanted to use carpet in winter.

I f a country 10 people were consumer a product so what will be the demand & market of this product?