Flame Proofing

To monitor Flame Proofing and general electrical installation safety to prevent accidents.

Electrical Installations Safe

  • Wiring to be safe-cables conduit and cords to be in good condition.
  • Switches, circuit breakers, fuses to be proper
  • Extension cords, flexible conduits, temporary wiring to be given special attentions
  • Switch boards to be obstruction free and labeled
  • Entry to substations & switch-rooms to be restricted.
  • Flexible cords /wires should not be normally used.
  • Damaged switches, plugs, fuse boxes, jointing, circuit breakers should be promptly replaced.
  • Electrical installations to be checked at 3 months frequency by inspector using the checkpoints attached.

Earthing and Polarity Checks

A list of all Electric Motors, Switch gears to be made and earthling and polarity checks to be conducted by a qualified / authorized electrician every three months.

Flameproof Equipment

A list of all flameproof Electric Motors, Switch gears, switches to be made and registered.

Checks to be made by the inspector every three months and entered into the register.

Electrical Check Points for Installations

  • Cables, conduit and cords
  • Check insulation on cables and cord damages
  • Check conduit for damages, loose couplings and loose or damaged glands
  • Check cable entry glands for damages or looseness
  • Check for damages, signs of condensation, leaks of liquid on to cables
  • Check for sign of corrosion of cables
  • Switches, circuit breakers, fuses etc.
  • Check that the switches circuit breakers are properly marked and that identification corresponds to the operation/machine which it is supposed to control this is important for initial starting, after extensive repair/modifications or installation of new machines.
  • Check whether the switches/circuit  breakers function properly
  • Check cover plates for proper fixing /breakage.
  • Extension cords
  • Electrical Check Points for Installations
  • Continued
  • Bonding and earthing straps /conductors
  • Check for damage and or missing earthing /bonding connections on machines /appliance , pipelines conveying flammables etc.
  • Earth leakage devices
  • Check operation-press test button Check sensitivity
  • Record finding in register monthly
  • Wall sockets
  • Check condition of cover plates
  • Check switch
  • Check polarity & earth continuity
  • Check for use of multiple adaptors which could cause overload of circuit
  • High tension yard/room and switch rooms
  • Check whether fence / wall as secured on yard / room
  • Check whether gate /door is padlocked
  • Doors leading to switch room should be locked
  • No material stored in yard / room
  • Required notices are displayed
  • No unauthorized entry
  • No handling or interfering with electrical equipment
  • Procedure in case of fire
  • Procedure in case of electric shock
  • Check condition of insulation
  • Check earth continuity
  • Check polarity
  • Check if switch is in good working order
  • Flexible conduits
  • Check fixing glands or attachments
  • Temporary wiring
  • Check position of temporary wiring
  • Check condition of temporary wiring
  • Check length of time in position whether permanently
  • Temporary?
  • Switchboards
  • Accessibility, check for obstructions
  • LABELLING of switches, etc.
  • Switch/circuits breakers are in “ off” position without lockout and tagging
  • Motors
  • Check for loose cable connections
  • Check for obvious signs of ventilation openings clogged up with dust, fluff etc.