Fire Rated Door and Security Plan for Factory
Fire Rated Door and Security Plan for Factory

Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

Fire Risk Assessment Checklist. All Workers are staying out side of factory safely and Manager – HR & Compliance is giving deliver to workers about Fire drill. And Appreciating or thanks to all workers for performing evacuation very fast. Now a day’s fire safety is the 1st and main required thing for RMG division after having many fire incidents in last year. To keep free form fire incident we do internal fire safety audit. To ensure worker safety as well as for the industrial safety we need fire safety assessment Read about Fire Safety for Workplace of Manufacturing Company 

  • BGMEA/BKMEA membership certificate
  • Incorporation of certificate for Fire Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Group Insurance & new/old workers list
  • Records of regular inspection/maintenance of emergency exits, signs, lights, routes/aisles, etc.
  • Electrical safety records (wiring inspections, training, regular monitoring, etc.)
  • First aid training records
  • Records of regular inspection/maintenance of first aid kits
  • Document of local law regarding medical care
  • Documented plan & policy for addressing severe injuries (transportation, local hospital arrangements, etc.)
  • Onsite medical services system (medical personnel, licenses, service procedures, etc.)
  • Accident / injury records
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs assessment & determination (what type is needed, why, where, when, etc.)
  • PPE enforcement records
  • PPE regular inspection/maintenance records
  • Noise level monitoring records
  • Lighting inspection/maintenance records
  • Building construction approval plan & letter from concern authority
  • Structural plan and soil test report
  • Factory layout approval & letter from labour department
  • Building/structural Safety Assessment report concern authority
  • Boiler certificate and boiler operator certificate
  • All valid business licenses
  • Trade license
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Employee and Supervisor general safety policy training records
  • Records of inspection by local health & safety, or fire, authority
  • Safety & Health inspection system
  • Safety & Health committee records (policy, minutes, assigned duties, etc.)
  • Fire Safety/Emergency Response Plan & Procedures
  • Fire Safety/Emergency Response training records
  • Evacuation maps
  • Annual fire drill plan and records
  • Extinguisher periodic inspection records
  • Extinguisher annual service records
  • Other firefighting equipment (alarm, sprinkler, hoses, hydrants, etc.) maintenance & inspections
  • Bond license
  • EPB license
  • Fire license
  • Fire risk assessment report from Fire Department
  • Electrical risk assessment report from concern authority
  • Are all electrical systems inspected and maintained register or 3rd party service provider assessment report
  • Workers/Supervisor/Security training & awareness records on fire safety and emergency preparedness
  • Approve fire plan from Fire Department & Clearance certificate for multistoried building
  • Export & Import license
  • Fire policy (building fire insurance)
  • Injuries monitoring register/accidents log book/analysis list
  • Fire drills register including knight with photo
  • Air quality monitoring records
  • Ventilation inspection/maintenance records
  • Air temp monitoring & heating/cooling system inspection/maintenance records
  • Chemical handling & training records
  • Chemical storage inspection records
  • Chemical safety data information (proper handling, use, storage, disposal, and health risk/PPE info from chemical manufacturer)
  • Hazardous materials minimization plan
  • Equipment, machinery, & guarding inspection/maintenance records
  • Toilets, sinks, drinking fountains inspection/maintenance records
  • Bathroom, showers hygienic management system, cleaning records
  • Drinking water testing & protection records
  • Kitchen & canteen hygienic management system, cleaning records
  • Kitchen personnel hygienic food preparation policy & training records
  • Kitchen, caterer, food provider government licenses, inspections, etc.
  • Dormitory evacuation plan, map, drill records, etc.
  • Dormitory fire safety (alarm, lighting, sprinkler, extinguisher) inspection & maintenance records
  • Fire fighting committee list with picture
  • First aider training records / lists / certification
  • Fire fighter training records / lists / certification
  • List of fire extinguishers (CO2, ABC type, Smoke detector, fire blanket, gas mask etc.)
  • Chemical check lists  & training register
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Policy on fire safety and emergency preparedness

Duty & Responsibility Of Fire Trained Personals

Fire safety audit is a continual process for us. In every after three month’s we conduct an internal fire safety audit around whole premises. In case of emergency when the higher authority or buyer’s demand we conduct Internal fire safety audit(if necessary).After a periodic time we audited our whole premises by Bangladesh Fire service & civil defense team (as per recommendation ).

  • Fire Trained personal will wear yellow dress during working hour.
  • Besides their normal working they are always ready to fight against any kind of Emergency or fire incident.
  • They are all ways ready to operate the fire Extinguisher if necessary.
  • They should check the gangway ‘Exit’ area. It should be free from any kind of goods, carton, Fabrics or any other items.
  • At the time of Fire Drill or any Emergency period all workers will assemble in the open place at ground floor, detailed fire Trained person will head count and informed to Admin Dept.
  • All the Fire Trained personal have to Check the following fire Equipment’s: –
  • Dry Chemical powder Fire Extinguisher & Co2 Fire Extinguisher.
  • Water Hose pipe.
  • Smoke Detector.
  • Lock Cutter & Fire Hook.
  • Fire Bucket & Water Drum.
  • Fire Biter
  • Manila Rope.
  • Hand Gloves.
  • Mask
  • Mega phone.
  • Fire Alarm with PA System.
  • Fire Team for Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

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