Fire Pump Installation and Maintenance
Fire Pump Installation and Maintenance

Fire Pump Installation and Maintenance

Fire Pump Installation

Manager will be responsible for Company statistics and will publish yearly (and quarterly) those figures. They will include vehicle statistics. To provide management and BOC with a record of annual achievements… fff

(To be completed by the Responsible Person at the time of maintenance Attach additional sheets, data or calculation as necessary to provide a complete record)
Factory Name:
Factory Representative Name:
Phone: Fax:

Contractor Name:
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Inspector or Tester Name:
Phone: Fax:
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  • To record and issue the correct procedures for safe performance.
  • Carry out survey to identify hazardous jobs/tasks.
  • Discuss each job with the operator and carry out a job safety analysis.
  • Identify critical and safety steps in each job/task.
  • Include the tools, protective equipment and protective clothing in the analysis.
  • Write in a simple easy to read fashion the procedures for each hazardous job/task.
  • Supervisors to have copies of all written procedures. .

Maintenance of Fire Pump System

Sl No.Item NameFrequency
01Lube oil1 Year
02Lube oil filter1 Year
03Fuel filter1 Year
04Diesel change1 Year
05Diesel tank cleaning1 year
06Reservoir tank cleaning1 year
07Air filter3 year
08Coolant (If needed)——
09Greasing to Motor & Pump &


others interconnection

6 Months
10Pump Room CleaningWeekly Basis

Fire PumpSome Common Findings

  • Old Hose Nozzle used
  • Hose pipe cracked during fire drill.
  • Two connections provided from 2.5” pipe
  • Hose Box  & Landing valve connection provided 2.5” pipe
  • Two connections provided from 2.5” pipe
  • Old nozzle used.
  • Hose Box  & Landing valve connection provided 2.5” pipe
  • Hose Box  & Landing valve connection provided 2.5” pipe
  • U Clam not installed at 4” pipe.
  • Hos box opening –closing problem.
  • Common Findings
  • Under Ground Welding Joint List & drawing not provided.
  • Total length measurement of underground pipeline is not provided.
  • Welding Test report not provided (UT, MT, RT).
  • Hose box needs handle for better operation.
  • Some pressure gauges not working at.
  • Overhead pipeline protection problem, not supported properly .
  • Flanges are not listed but we require 5K.
  • All Pilar Hydrant & Gate valve bolt are not listed. Most of them are already corroded. Need SS bolt.
  • Gate Valves are not UL listed.
  • Pump Room Findings
  • Required 1000 GPM Engine but provided 750 GPM Jocky pump problem
  • Electric pump consumes excess power.
  • 1000 GPM Pressure capacity is not tested yet.
  • No instruction/training for Pressure Reducing Valve not provided yet.
  • Water leakage from pump still prevails.
  • Life Time Certificate of pumps are not provided yet.
  • Pumps Test Reports are not provided.
  • Flow Meter Calibration report not provided.
  • Automatic/self -starting of fire pump installation still remaining.

Suggestion Scheme

To promote interest safety by providing a method of communication whereby any person can make suggestion without vocally communicating his/her ideas and if necessary anmonymously.

  • Provide suggestion box where written suggestions can be placed.
  • Provide suitable forms adjacent to each box.
  • Manager QSE will empty the boxes monthly during first 3 months after the scheme is enforced. (thereafter Site Safety Coordinator to empty the box monthly.)
  • Record all suggestion.
  • Reply to each suggestions received.
  • Discuss each suggestion at the safety committee meeting.
  • Provide recognition/award for those suggestions deemed worthy of recognition/ reward as decided by the safety committee.
  • The form recognition /reward to be decided by Personnel Manager & Manager.

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