Fire and Safety Equipment’s List

Fire Prevention, Rescue and Fire Fighting Training

Fire Fighting Training Equipment

Fire Fighting Training -Bangladesh is proceeding towards Industrialization, in that aspect contribution of your organization also appreciable. Industrialization also comes under Fire hazards. Fire hazards can be reduced to minimum by proper Fire Safety Training. The General courses are to impart knowledge on. Prepare building wise fire evacuation plan. The plan should contain details of how a building will be evacuated in the shortest possible time, in a disciplined manner thus avoiding stampede or any other disorder. Discuss with me, on a one to one basis, in my office, regarding the type of the fire extinguishers you require to be installed at different buildings. After finalizing the same, procurement procedure will proceed following our mode of official system. Formulate a plan on Fire Drills at different buildings. The same may be devised in the line with the Serial 1 of this note. …

  • Heated Surfaces (Machine etc…)
  • Cloth, News paper on hot surfaces
  • Faulty Machinery’s Electrical fittings, etc…
  • Static Electricity
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Fire & Causes of fire
  • Classification, Stages & Expansion of fire.
  • Combustion & Extinguishing Principle of fire
  • Fire prevention & suppression system.
  • Extinguishing Media for different classes of fire.
  • Extinguishing Principle.
  • Fire Extinguishing system.
  • Sparks (grinding. Welding. Cutting.
  • Cigarettes
  • Electrical Overloading/Heating
  • Impact sparks (tools falling down to tank, etc…)
  • Use of portable fire Extinguisher.
  • Rescue and Evacuation system
  • First Aid Techniques.
  • Emergency Exit Plan

Fire Fighting Training Methodology

  • Lecture/Presentation by slide Projector.
  • Video Clip.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Fire Fighting Movie.
  • Display Chart.
  • Cooling – by lowering the temperature
  • Smothering – by depriving of Oxygen
  • Starvation – by removing the source of fuel

Factory “M” has 50 assigned fire fighters who wears a apron with “FIRE FIGHTER” written on the apron for easy identification of the fire fighters, this also helps easy movement of these people with extinguishers during fire as because during evacuation workers always gives way to them, so they can proceed towards the source of fire and can fight accordingly.


Beside Fire Fighting Training at minimum 40% of the workers knows how to operate Fire extinguishers, further they have planned to train 100% of workers on Fire extinguishers operation for which they have prepared Training Schedule.

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