Diesel Engine Fire Pump System Checklist
Diesel Engine Fire Pump System Checklist

Technical Requirements of Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System -Auto  requires Vendors to provide their employees with safe, clean, and healthy conditions throughout all work facilities, including clearly marked and passable aisles; easily identified, accessible and unblocked fire exits; adequate medical facilities, adequately lighted and ventilated production areas; clean restrooms; potable water; reasonable opportunities for rest breaks during the workday; and well maintained machinery.  Fire exits must be clearly marked and unlocked during working hours. …

  • Proper Drawing means of shop drawing all details with section wise: 
  • When engineering controls cannot eliminate or significantly minimize a hazard in a way that poses little to no threat of injury to employees, vendors shall provide all affected persons with the appropriate personal protective equipment or clothing, and require its proper use. Piping Drawing / pipe Line drawing.
  • Legend of all equipment and fit-up details.
  • Each joint fit-up details.
  • All local laws and regulations shall be complied with.. Elevation details.
  • Each elbow & T-joint detail drawing.
  • Pipe Support drawing details.
  • Safe working Load of a pipe Support.
  • Safe working Load of a royal bolt (which has provided)
  1. Written welding procedure with detail for proper clarification.
  • Bevel Cutting details.
  • How many pass / layer to be made for the welding?
  • Details of root gap, penetration details and confirmation of welding.
  • Standard of the welding?
  1. Welding joint inspection :
    1. Such as UT / MT or at least MPI (Magnetic Particle inspection )
  2. Welding Joint certificates are required prior to Hydro test.
  • Graph record required for hydro test / static.
  • Clear hydrostatic procedure should be submitted before test start.
  • Certificates are to be submitted with joint numbers for future plan.
  1. All catalogs & User manual of valves, elbow, to be submitted with the materials for actual reference and prove of capacity.

Smoke Detection System:

  • Proper Drawing means of shop drawing all details with section wise.
  • Capacity of each devices with catalogs.
  • Catalog of control panel, User manual of Fire Hydrant System

Fire door:

  1. Proper Drawing means of shop drawing all details with section wise.
  2. Written Details of the fire rated door capacity, such as maximum temperature (Celsius / Fahrenheit) capacity.


Fire Hydrant System -Vendors shall identify all sources of hazardous materials in the workplace and prevent or sufficiently limit employee exposure.  Vendors must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding exposure to hazardous materials.

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