Fire and Safety Equipment’s List

Fire Protection Equipment List

Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection Equipment List Fire Extinguisher Steel Mono Meter Safety Device Discharge Rubber Hose & Horn and trolley system. Carbon-dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguisher Trigger Type, Discharge Hydraulic.  ABC Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher Steel Mono Meter Safety Device Discharge Rubber Hose & Horn Wall Bracket. Fire protection equipment list is given here

  • Fire Extinguisher ABCE
  • Fire Extinguisher Co2
  • Fire Full Gas Musk
  • Chemical Respirator Max{Single Filter}
  • Manila Rope (100 Ft Jute)
  • Metal hand Detector
  • Complain Box[Steel body]
  • Industrial Safety Belt
  • Fire Hand Gloves
  • Linking Machine Pulley Cover
  • Heat Detector.
  • Fire Alarm Break Glass
  • Electric Hand Gloves
  • Safety Shoes
  • Gum Boot
  • Fire Exe
  • Fire Bucket Stand
  • Fire Bucket
  • Lock Cutter 36”
  • Safety Gogoge
  • Fire Gong Bell
  • Fire Hose Reel
  • Fire Lock Cutter
  • Fire Hock
  • Fire Bitter
  • Fire Smock Detector
  • Fire Stretcher
  • Fire Axe
  • Fire Blanket
  • Fire Bucket
  • Fire Bucket Stand
  • Fire Siren Switch
  • Fire Lunch Switch
  • Fire Helmet
  • Fire Gas Mask
  • Fire Hand Gloves
  • Fire Dress ( Fire Proof)
  • Fire Reserve Water Dram
  • Fire Reserve Sand Dram
  • Fire Eye Glass
  • Fire Manila Rope
  • Fire Instrument Box
  • Fire Gum Boot (Fire Roof)
  • Fire First Aid Box
  • Fire Reserve Water Tank
  • Fire Hand Mike
  • Fire Emergency Water Plumb
  • Hose Pipe/ Hose Rill
  • Water Drum
  • Water Bucket
  • Fire Extinguisher DCP 5kg
  • Fire Extinguisher CO2 5kg
  • Fire Extinguisher DCP 25kg
  • Fire Extinguisher (Foam)
  • Fire Extinguisher CO2 25kg
  • Fire Beater Fire Protection Equipment
  • Fire Hook
  • Gas Mask
  • Lock Cutter 36’’
  • Belcha
  • Fire Safety Helmet
  • Stretcher
  • Automatic Emergency Light
  • Gong Bell
  • Fire Alarm (Motor Siren)
  • FireAlarm Push Switch& Box
  • Emergency Exit
  • Smoke Detector
  • First Aid Box
  • Gas Musk Re-Filter
  • Blanket
  • Fire Hand Gloves
  • Megaphone
  • Industrial Calling Bell
  • Ear Muff
  • Air plug
  • Fire Bucket Stand
  • Fire Equipment Stand

Fire Extinguisher & Equipment’s

Description Fire Protection Equipment
25 Kg. Capacity ABC Dry Chemical Powder
6 Kg. Capacity ABC Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher Steel Mono Meter Safety Device Discharge Rubber Hose & HornWall Bracket
5 Kg. Capacity
5 Kg. Capacity  Hose & Horn Wall Becket
10 litter.Hose & Horn  Wall Bracket .
Fire Alarm (Motor Siren) 5” Dia
Fire Alarm Pause Switch & Box
Fire Hook
Fire Beater
Fire Blanket
Smoke Detector 9V Battery
Automatic Emergency Exit Sign Box (6”/14)
Automatic Emergency Exit Sign Box (8”/17”)
Emergency Exit
Automatic Emergency Light ( Two way moving system )
Fire Apron/ First Aid Apron
Fire Base/ First Aid Base
Air Plug
Stretcher (Steel Body)
Fire Helmet
Ear Muff
Gong Bell Brass
Chemical Apron (Rexin)
Visual warning Light
Pest Killer
Chemical Hand Gloves
Metal Hand Gloves
Dust Nose Musk
Fire Equipments Box( Steel Body Glass Door  60’’/42”/12”)
Industrial Calling Bell
Fire Heat Proof Dress gas musk, safety helmet, safety gloves, safety boot, breathing apparatus Com.(Ship Breaking)
First Aid Box(Steel Body)
First Aid Box (Wood Body)
Mega Phone
Rubber Mate
1.5”Dia Hose Pipe,Copline Nozel & Clam Comp.  (13 Bar)
1” Dia Hose Rell, 30metar, Nozel Complete Fire Protection Equipment

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