Finished Goods Policies and Procedures for Readymade Garments

Once Finished Goods are packed and ready for shipment the Export In Charge in the Finishing Section will inform duly the commercial department for export of the goods. As per the production schedule, one week prior to the due date of shipment the commercial department will send a booking request to the nominated freight forwarder and buyer. We sale Apparel ERP Software for Garment Finishing Section

The following procedure will be followed to export finished good from the factory:

  • Finished Goods Export In Charge will provide the final export packing list to the merchandizing section who will approve and forward it to the commercial department to prepare the Export Invoice and other related documents.
  • As per the booking approval from the buyer, the commercial department will count the total volume of the cargo and accordingly ask for covered vans from the Transport Company. The loading of finished goods will usually start at 8 pm, unless there is an emergency or as appropriate by the traffic rules of the area.
  • Once the covered vans arrive a security personnel will get inside the carriage of the van and ensure that it is empty. 7 point inspection will be carried out in a prescribed form. Designated loading related personnel will be given the ID card and allowed inside the premises to commence loading of finished goods inside the van.
  • Export In Charge in the finishing section will lead the loading staff to the carton holding area and loading will be started. He / She will keep a count of the total number of the cartons being carried out from the carton storage area and the security guard in the van will also keep a count of the total number of cartons loaded in the van. Register of Loading / Unloading will be maintained by the Export In charge. Transport people will also keep their separate count and at the end of loading these three counts will be matched. If there is any discrepancy then the commercial department will be informed immediately and will give a decision to recount. Security In Charge will also need to be present at the time.
  • If all the counts are in order then the Delivery Chalan will be duly signed by the Security In Charge or Officer or Guard, Finished Goods Export In Charge and Transport authorized personnel and the driver of the van.
  • One tamper proof seal and lock by the Export In Charge and another by the Transport Company will be placed on the door of the cargo area of the van that will be opened after the van reaches the designated discharge area in presence of the C&F agent, nominated Freight Forwarder, Shipping Line and Customs authority. If the seal is found to be tampered with or the received goods are less than mentioned on the Delivery Chalan, the C&F agent will immediately inform the commercial department. Commercial Department will inform the top management and will take up the matter with the Transport Company.
  • After the goods are received and loaded in the container, the C&F agent will follow and complete the documentation with all the concerned authority and inform the Commercial Department.
  • Commercial Department will collect the necessary Bill of Lading from the Freight Forwarder and procure necessary export documents like visa wherever applicable, Country of Origin Multiple Country Declaration etc.
  • This set of documents will be submitted to the bank to complete the export procedure. A set of documents related to export is attached for ready reference.
  • After the shipment is made the vessel details, invoice, packing list and other shipment related information will be forwarded to the buyer via email within two working days from the date of shipment.


Finished Goods – The Commercial Department will maintain and keep records and all information regarding import and export of goods to and from the factory in orderly fashion.