ES Audit Preparation Documents List
ES Audit Preparation Documents List

ES Audit Preparation Documents List

ES Audit Documents List

ES Audit Documents List – Buyers may decide not to place order in a factory that has 2 or 3 Orange assessment. If its discovered that a factory is producing merchandise for Wal-Mart in a subcontracted factory with no valid ES audit, then the primary factory automatically will receive an “Orange” assessment…

  • Must be submitted an activation request at least 30 days before production to accommodate ES audit.Salary / Overtime sheet last for last 12 months for initial audit
  • To add the deleted factory back into the matrix for future production, an e-mail request with the factory ID must be submitted to e-mail the respective ES associate. (Keep ready now for check and provide us photocopy for every month one page from each section) …
  • All time Cards / Job cards for last 12 months for initial.
  • All suppliers have access to Retail Link. All pay slips for last 12 months.
  • Automated and Self-Service. Fire drills register
  • Maternity leave / leave register (CL/ML/EL) / Record for earn leave encashment / adjustment
  • Lefty workers list and files.
  • For EPZ only
  • Shipping dock, loading dock and cargo areas monitored
  • Containers being loaded under supervision, who supervising
  • Inbound and outbound containers inspected for tampering
  • Inbound and outbound containers are checked, who is authorized person
  • Is authorized employee responsible to put seals on the finished goods containers after loading, who is authorized employee
  • Are empty and full containers locked and stored in secure areas, who locked
  • Facility aware on US custom’s 24 hour rule
  • Environmental Certificate
  • 50 workers personal file by covering all section
  • Injuries monitoring register /accident log book
  • The application, Data & Process is housed in Retail Link. Broken needle register
  • All valid licenses are Trade, Bond, EPB, Fire, Export & Import license, BGMEA membership, building construction Approval, Boiler certificate & boiler operator license. Factory/Labor license. / if factory in EPZ zone then required authorization letter (provide us photo copy of one set of all valid licenses)
  • Hand Book / with register
  • Provide checklist record for in-house compliance minimum for 3 months
  • Facility with fenced locked      
  • Tightly control keys, who carrying the keys
  • Closed circuit TV security system
  • Written security policy
  • Security awareness program for employees
  • Security guard on 24 hours duty a day, nos of guard, nos of shift
  • Monitoring visitors
  • Background check for security guard, what are the checking procedures
  • For employees photo identification badge
  • Are employees restricted from taking personal items into production area
  • Identification required from any vehicles entering the facility
  • Prospective for employees, who screening the prospective
  • Separate parking area for employee or guest
  • Loading dock restricted to authorized employees only, who is authorized person
  • Wal-Mart poster must be post in English and Local Language. Recent copy of water / and electricity bill
  • Separate register / time card for adolescent workers (if have)
  • Provident Fund 8.33% from basic / 10% annual increment from gross for workers (for EPZ only)
  • Organization Chart/ Production process flowchart/ factory layout
  • Running production-
  • Name of Buyer(s)
  • Item Description(s)
  • Main label name(s)

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