ERP Implementation Failure Top 100 Reasons ………

ERP Implementation Failure Reason

  • 80% of the total Master LC value couldn’t be consumed but also have an option over consume.
  • Global Buyer is not linked/tagged under another business units
  • At document section Bill Reference should be Change instead of ABP name, Also Bill reference under payment section should be change instead of Acceptance Reference Number.
  • At document section, endorsement field should be optional.
  • Buyer Name should be present at BTB section.
  • Commodity field should be present at BTB section.
  • Some invoices are wiped from the systems without any notice
  • Make the Acceptance date as an optional field.
  • In Export: Payment Maturity Date will be either one of below;
  • If from date of Negotiation: “LC Tenure” to the “Doc Submission Date”.
  • User don’t get prompt response from server
  • Employee salary process problem
  • One active employee salary data not found in salary report
  • All report like Buyer Aging/account payable/ Accounts Receivable/Overdue report is not clear
  • Some of employee salary grade not found in salary report
  • User can’t access properly in  ERP software from today’s
  • Audit log system into the ERP is not activated to find out movement transparency.
  • If from date of BL: “LC Tenure” to the “BL Date”.
  • If from date of Doc Submission: “LC Tenure” to the “Doc Submission Date”.

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